Cucked Abroad: Part 1

Did you ever hear about something new that shocked your sense of belief? That made you wonder how or why anyone would ever partake in such a thing. That was me the first time I heard about male chastity

My girlfriend and I had been together for a little over two years when she first told me about male chastity. I was in disbelief that any man would ever want to put some random cage on their dicks and not be able to masturbate and cum whenever they wanted. 

Then my girlfriend explained that while she loved me as a person with all her heart, she was far from satisfied in the bedroom and she thought that this might give our relationship an added boost. How could I say no to her? I loved her and didn’t want to lose her. I’d try this silly cage if it kept us together.

So began our chastity relationship. To be honest, I liked it a lot more than I expected. My girlfriend would tease me about wearing it and when she finally would let me out, my sex drive was off the charts and our sex was far improved. It was really working. Or so I thought.

She confronted me one day with the ugly truth.  “I’m sorry, hun, but we need to talk again. I appreciate that you’ve been so willing to wear the chastity cage and our sex has been much better but the truth is, your dick just isn’t enough for me. I need more.”

“Uh, well, I’m not sure what I can do about that.” I said in response, trying to hide my hurt feelings. “I can try some of those penis enlargement supplements and tools but I doubt they actually work.”

“That’s ok, dear. I’ve been thinking about it and I think from now on I’ll have you wear this to fuck me.” She held up some straps with a large dildo attached.

“A strap-on? Are you serious? What about my dick; I still want to have sex with you.” I was now struggling to hide my frustration.

“I know you’ve been more than happy in your cage so I’m just going to keep you locked up longer. I’ll still let you out from time to time, but not until I’m finally fully satisfied sexually. That’s more than far.”

“Yeah, sure. I guess that makes sense. We should both be satisfied.” That was the best I could respond. I couldn’t really argue her point and I wanted her to be sexually satisfied so what else could I say.

So we tired things her way again, this time with me fucking her with a strap-on. Thrusting a dildo into her while my penis hid underneath in a cage felt both weird and frustrating, but I could tell she enjoyed it far more than my much smaller penis. 

It took some getting used to so the first couple of times she got frustrated and told me to stop, but the third time I got the hang of things and she orgasmed. Afterwards, she was true to her word and let me out of my cage so I could orgasm as well.

“That was fantastic! You’re really getting the hang of that dildo and now you see that when you please me, I please you as well.” She said after as we both lay in bed, catching our breath.

“Yeah, that was nice.” I replied, feeling relieved to finally have my cage off.

“So, as you know, I’m going to Mexico for Jessica’s bachelorette party in two weeks and I’ll be gone for five days. Tomorrow morning you’re going to be locked back up and I’m going to take your keys with me.” She left her statement hanging as if she had more to say.

“Uh, alright. I guess I can’t please you while you’re in Mexico so that makes sense.” I shrugged. I had been getting used to longer and longer durations locked up so I wasn’t too worried about her trip.

“True, you can’t…” She started as she turned her body towards me and looked me in the eyes. “But maybe some other guy could.”

“What? You want to fuck another guy?” I glared at her, confused and angry.

“Yes.” She said sternly. “Look, you using the strap-on is better, but it doesn’t feel as good as a real dick and never will. I love you and want to be with you, but I think it may be time to get dick outside of our relationship.”

I won’t deny that I was hurt. I had been trying to appease her with all her sexual demands, but she still clearly wasn’t happy and I just couldn’t satisfy. I still loved our relationship and being with her, does it matter if she gets sexually satisfied from someone else?

“Can I think about it?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you what. How about you think about it now while you put your cage back on and give me your keys?” It hasn’t a question but a demand.

“Alright,” I said as I put the cage back on and handed her the keys.

“Thank you.” She said as she took the keys. “So, you can think about it all you want, but now that I you’re locked and I have your keys, let me tell you what’s going to happen. I’m going to take these keys with me to Mexico and I’m going to find some hot young stud to fuck me.” She started stroking my cage as she talked. “If I get fucked, then when I get home I will let you fuck me. If I don’t get fucked then who knows, maybe I’ll forget your keys in Mexico… So you better pray I get some dick.” 

“Why would I ever want you to get fucked by someone else?!” I protested.

“Trust me, hunny. The longer I keep you in that cage, the more you’re going to be willing to accept.”

“I didn’t sign up for this. Give me the keys back. I’m done with this.” I was getting frustrated now and started to get up but she stopped me.

She put a leg over me and got up to straddle me, putting her hands on my chest. I could feel my keys in her hands being pressed into my body. “I don’t think you understand how this works. I control your pathetic little dick so I control you and our relationship. If I want to get some dick, I’m going to get some dick and that’s that.” She pushed off of me as she got out of bed and started getting dressed.

I was shocked but also oddly aroused. She was radiating power and it was so sexy; I almost felt like she had hypnotized me. “Ok, ok. Fine.” I agreed. I still had a week to change her mind so at this point I just wanted to end the conversation.

She leaned over me and gave me a slow, lusty kiss on the lips. “That’s a good cuck,” she whispered as she stood back up and walked away, dangling my keys on her finger.

I understand you don't want to wear the chastity cage anymore. I don't care what you want.
“I control your pathetic little dick so I control you…”

To be continued…

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