Cucked Abroad: Part 3

This is a continuation of the Cucked Abroad story.

My wife was on her second day of her trip to Mexico for her friend’s bachelorette party where she said she would be looking for a man with a big dick to give her a “real fucking”. She told me that it wasn’t because she didn’t love me, but because my dick wasn’t enough to fully satisfy or please her. It was a bitter truth to swallow, but one that was hard to deny given my size.

Her first day away was pretty uneventful as they had to travel and check into the hotel. As she said goodnight to me she told me, “I can’t wait to get out tomorrow to meet some guys.” 

I felt my heart sink a little, but I swallowed my pride and wished her luck. 

She wasted no time the next day as in the afternoon she was texting me that she had been playing volleyball on the beach with some guys she met and they invited her to a pool party the next day. 

She described them as tall and muscular; everything I wasn’t. There was a particular guy that had caught her eye and she said they were flirting together. 

“Remember, you don’t get released until I have someone else inside me.” She reminded me when she could tell I was uneasy with the conversation topic.

My balls were swollen from being locked up for weeks. Never in my post-pubescent had I gone so long without cumming. I wanted to beg her for release but I knew what her answer would be. I would have to wait for her to get fucked.

I kept watching cuckold porn to get used to the idea. If these guys could get into it, I figured I could too. It wasn’t that uncommon or unusual for spouses to have sex outside of their marriage. 

After watching porn I imagined my wife getting fucked by another man, a man like the one she had described to me earlier that day. I found myself getting aroused and my penis throbbing in my cage. I looked at my locked dick and saw that it was leaking. Surprisingly, that made me feel good as if I was getting past the last mental hurdle of accepting what she wanted to do. I felt I was finally able to accept being her cuckold.

The following day, I found myself more excited. Both to find out her her party date was going and to possibly get my own release. I texted her to ask how the pool party was going.

Her reply read, “It’s going great. He told me his room number and told me to come over later. Sounds like you’re going to get your release tomorrow.”

To be continued…

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