Cucked Abroad: Part 4

This is a continuation of the Cucked Abroad story.

The next morning I woke up to an abundance of text message notifications from my wife. I had a good idea of what they would entail so I decided they should wait until I had my morning coffee and was more capable of handling them. So I put my phone in my pocket and made my way to the kitchen. 

Once I was seated at the kitchen counter and sipping on my coffee, I decided to pull out my phone and take a look. The text messages had all come late at night and at first glance I noticed that there were several images included which further confirmed my suspicions that she had succeeded in her goal based on our last dinner conversation. I took another sip of coffee, took a deep breath and clicked on one of the notifications to open the full conversation.

The first text messages read: 

“I’m on my way over to their hotel room. Wish me luck!”

“Just knocked on his door. I’m feeling good about this and I’m wearing my lucky panties… none!”

“In the bathroom so I can give you a quick update. I told them I was married and that we have an arrangement and that you want me to get fucked. He was very into it.”

Next was a mirror selfie she took in the bathroom. She was wearing a very low-cut and revealing short dress. Around her neck was a silver necklace with two keys dangling on it. Below was the message, “Sorry, babe. I wanted to feel you with me so I took your keys. You’ll get them when I’m home.”

That one made my balls ache. After all these weeks I thought I was at least going to get some release after she got fucked. I felt a little cheated and had to remind myself that she held my keys and ultimately they were hers to do as she wished.

Next, there was a blurry video. I hesitantly hit play. The camera was clearly being held by the guy as it showed his point of view of his thick cock penetrating a vagina followed by a loud moan. The video panned up and showed my wife’s face as she said, “Oh my god, you’re so big!” The video continued for another minute showing him fucking my wife as she screamed in pleasure.

My dick was throbbing in my cage and I felt it start trying to get hard. I’ve always found my wife sexy, but watching her take a big dick and scream in pleasure was almost overwhelmingly arousing.

When the video ended I continued reading her messages.

“God I bet you’re frustrated.” I was.

Next there was another video. This time she was on a bed taking one guy from behind in doggy style while she sucked another cock. She continually had to stop sucking because her moaning was so prominent. I closed my eyes and imagined her sucking my dick and felt jealous of the guy in front as I felt my dick start leaking a little pre-cum. 

I continued scrolling once the video ended and next was a picture of her chest with my chastity keys between her breasts, all of which were covered in cum.

Last there was a text message that said, “That was amazing but god am I sore and tired. I bet you’re sore too but no cheating and trying to make yourself cum. Save it for me when I get home 😘. I’ll be good for the rest of the trip and see you soon. Love you!”

It was over and she seemed to get it out of her system, but now I felt like I needed to see more. Those two videos were the hottest videos I’ve ever watched and I wanted more.

I replied to her, “Don’t worry about me. Have all the fun you want on your trip. I can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get home. Love you, too 😘.”

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  1. I would love to be there witnessing this first hand while wearing my pretty panties, bra, dress and heels!

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