Cucked Abroad: Part 5

This is a continuation of the Cucked Abroad story.

I was at the airport, waiting for her plane to land. I couldn’t wait to see my wife and hear all about her trip. I found myself pacing around the baggage claim area, looking at all the possible entryways to find her. 

When I spotted her, she ran over to me and gave me a big, long kiss. She pulled away and said, “I’ve missed you,” as she proceeded to give me a big hug. I grabbed her tight and said, “And I you. I can’t wait to get you home.” 

When we found her luggage we made our way to the car and started the trip home. We held hands until we got onto the freeway when she suddenly grabbed my chastity cage through my pants. “Are you sure you miss me, it doesn’t seem like it.”

“Trust me, if I could fully show you my excitement, I would. Perhaps you’ll let me show you when we get home.” I replied.

“Hmm… maybe,” she said as she let go of my cage. She rubbed my inner thigh as she took back her hand. It made my dick throb even more than it already was.

When we got home I brought in her luggage as just as I closed the door she pushed me against the wall and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we passionately made out. I flipped her around so that she was against the wall as we continued and I stuck my hand down her leggings and started rubbing her pussy.

She pulled away from my mouth and said, “Bedroom. Now.” I obeyed and followed her into the bedroom. She threw herself down on the bed and told me to undress her. Beneath her sweater and leggings was the sexiest white lingerie I’ve ever seen. Between her breasts were my keys.

“Do you like? Luke said it would drive you crazy.” I nodded, not knowing who Luke was but also not caring. My cock was straining to get out. 

“Fuck me,” she ordered me.

I quickly ripped my clothes off and started to reach for my keys. She slapped my hand away with one hand and covered my keys with her other. She nodded towards the nightstand were we stored our sex toys. “My pussy is too stretched out for that little thing now. I need big cocks. Do a good job and you’ll get yours.”

I quickly opened the drawer and took out our strap-on belt and the biggest dildo we had. I put it on, applied a little lube and slowly penetrated her. The last time we tried to use this dildo it was a little rough as she had to adjust to the larger size. This time it slid right in and she had no issues.

As I fucked her my caged dick slapped against her leg and the little bit of skin that was poking through the cage could feel her smooth skin. It felt so good that I could feel pressure building in my dick. Her loud moaning was amplifying the pressure. 

I tried to stop but she yelled at me to keep going. I couldn’t hold back anymore. My dick exploded as I let out a loud moan of my own. My dick kept pumping and pumping. More and more cum. More than I had ever seen before. When it stopped I looked down and saw that her legs were covered in my cum. I looked up at her and she had a grin on her face.

“Wow, I guess I never have to release you anymore if that’s how you’re going to get off from now on.” I blushed as she continued, “Now clean up your mess and finish me.”

As I walked towards the bathroom to grab a towel I had a big smile on my face. I had just experienced the best orgasm of my life and it was clear that my wife wanted to keep our new lifestyle going. I was officially her cuckold… and I was happy.

The end.

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