The Sissy Bet: Part 3

This is a continuation of our sissy story, The Sissy Bet.

My first week wearing the panties my wife bought for me wasn’t that much of an adjustment but it definitely made me more self conscious. I’ve dabbled in wearing panties before so I knew how they would feel but I definitely didn’t want anyone finding out that I was wearing them. At first I put my normal briefs on over them to hide them but my wife was doing daily panty checks to make sure I was wearing them and quickly caught on to my plan.

Luckily, she understood which is why she bought me all black panties to begin with. She said I could go the first week like this but would then need to ditch the briefs and own the panties. At the end of the week when I was getting dressed I discovered that all of my old underwear were gone and I just had one pair of clean panties left.

“Looks like it’s time to go shopping for more panties. Figure out which ones are your favorite?” My wife was behind me watching my discovery with a smirk.

“Is this really happening? You only want me to wear women’s panties?” I asked her in my surprise if the situation.

“Yes, dear,” she said as she sauntered over towards me and put her hand on my face. “I know you like it. I found panties in your laundry before. I want you to embrace it and be comfortable with yourself.”

“Uhh… well, alright. I liked the thongs and other ones that hugged my butt. Those felt nice.”

“The cheeky? Nice choice. I like those, too. Maybe we will get a matching pair today! Now get dressed and let’s go, we have a long day ahead of us.” She gave me a kiss and walked off to get ready.

When we arrived at Victoria’s Secret, I was trying to keep my cool and not look like a creep. My body, more specifically my dick, was pulsing with arousal. I was going panty shopping for myself with my wife. What world is this?!

“Are you excited?” My wife asked as we entered.

“Uhh, yeah, sure I guess.” I said in my attempt to keep my cool.

“Come on, over here,” she said as she pulled me over to a display. “I bet you’d love these ones!”

“Shh! Don’t say that out loud!” I hissed as I felt my cheeks redden with embarrassment. But when I got closer and looked at what she was pointing out I whispered, “You’re right though. Those look sexy.”

“Who cares what these random people think? You’re panty shopping; own it!” she said as she looked in my eyes with a comforting smile.

“Yeah, ok. Oh, these look comfortable,” I said as I took a few steps over to a display of thongs.

We went around and picked out more panties for both me and her. My wife had convinced me to try new colors so I got ones that were maroon, purple and even a pink one which I was nervous to wear in public but also dying to try.

When we had finished browsing all of the panty displays my wife pulled me towards the bra section. “One last thing. You need some matching bras with your panties.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “What? Bras? Why would I wear those?”

She walked over to a nearby display and picked up a small bra. “Because you’re going to love it. We’ll just get you a few matching bralettes. They are lacy and comfy and you will like how they feel. See?” She held the bra she was holding towards me.

“This is a bralette?” I asked as I grabbed it. It was very light for a bra. No cups, padding or elastic straps.

“Yup!” She said as she kept browsing. “I think these ones will be your size and match perfectly with your new panties!” She held out three more bralettes.

“Ok, sure. I’ll try them. Let’s just get out of here” I felt eyes on me and while I was happy to be getting these new panties, I was still nervous to be shopping for them.

“Perfect. Let’s go home and try them on. Maybe even model them for each other?”

My heart started pounding in sync with my throbbing penis. I had been locked up for weeks and that proposition sounded sexy as hell and like it could lead to something more.

“Sounds good, let’s go, hun,” I said as casually as I could. I grabbed my wife’s hand and lead us towards the register to check out.

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  1. I just love when my wife holds feminine clothes up to me to see how they would look on me!

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