The Sissy Bet: Part 6

This is a continuation of our sissy story, The Sissy Bet.

Now that I was dressed up in bra, panties, pantyhose, skirt, one of my wife’s blouses and an apron and she had deemed me to be her sissy maid, it was time to get cleaning. I knew I had a long day ahead of me if I was going to get my chastity reward rather than a chastity punishment.

To my surprise, my wife calling me her maid was arousing to me. I suppose that it was because I enjoyed her being dominant over me. That was becoming another surprise, how much of a natural submissive I was discovering I was. I felt like within a second of her locking my chastity cage for the first time, a submissive energy enveloped me and I started doing everything she told me to do with little to no disagreement. That submissiveness being the reason why I was now cleaning the house wearing women’s clothes.

But it wasn’t all bad. The last time she had me dress up like this I had the biggest orgasm of my life while we made out and I ground on her. I never thought that I could ever orgasm while wearing a chastity cage with a mostly flaccid penis, but not only had I, but it was amazing. She teased me about it and said it was called a sissygasm which I was a little uneasy about, but secretly I was hoping for a chance to recreate it. Luckily, she had implied that today could be that chance if I did a good job cleaning. So with that as my motivation, I got started cleaning.

I began by going back upstairs to change the bed sheets so that I could wash the old set and put them away when they were done drying. While I was upstairs I worked on cleaning the master bathroom as well.

As I was scrubbing the toilet I heard my wife yell, “maid! I need a snack!” I quickly finished what I was doing, washed my hands and went to see her.

“What would you like for a snack?” I asked her when I entered the living room where she was relaxing.

“I want a some apple and carrot slices with hummus. And a cup of tea as well,” she ordered.

“Yes, dear,” I replied as I made my way into the kitchen to get started.

When I had her snack and tea prepared I set it on a serving tray and brought it out to her.

“Here you are, dear.” I said as I set the tray on her lap.

“Thank you,” she replied. “How’s the cleaning going? I haven’t seen you do anything downstairs yet. I hope you’re not slacking.”

“I’ve been working upstairs but I’ll start down here now.”

“That’s a good girl. Get back to it, maid.”

I naturally gave a little bow and then turned around to get back to work. I went to the cleaning closet and grabbed the vacuum and began.

Hours later I was finally done and exhausted. I returned to the kitchen for a glass of water and then went to let my wife know that I had finished. I found her still in the living room, relaxing and reading a book.

“Hey hun, I’m all done,” I said.

“Oh? Alright, let’s take a look around,” she started as she put her book down and stood up from the couch. “Go wait in the bedroom and I’ll meet you there after I’ve examined everything.”

“Sounds good,” I replied as I turned and made my way up to the bedroom.

As I sat on our bed waiting for her, I watched the minutes pass on my bedside clock and  grew more and more worried. I did a lot of cleaning, but not all of it was super thorough. I didn’t expect her to spend this much time inspecting. 

When she finally walked into the bedroom I felt myself straighten my posture as if I too would be inspected. She scanned the floors of the room, inspecting my vacuuming I guessed then ignored me and continued into the master bathroom. As she existed, she gave me her review.

“You did a good job today. Surprisingly good. You definitely missed a few things, but overall the house looks much better. Thank you for your hard work.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“I bet you are. Is your silly little penis getting all excited at the thought of us fooling around?” she asked as she slowly walked towards me.

“Yes…” I admitted bashfully. “Your promise of a reward really motivated me.”

“I bet it did. And do you think you deserve a reward?”

“Well, you just said I did a good job so it sounds like I do.”

“I said you did a good job, not a great job, and that you missed a few things.”

“Oh.” I squeaked out as my heart sunk and my hopes began to shrink.

“But since this was your first time being my sissy maid, I think I will give you a little leeway.” 

Suddenly she was on top of me, pushing me back into our bed. Her lips pressing hard against mine in passion. I kissed back in a heated make out and felt my dick start swelling and throbbing harder. She reached back and started rubbing my chastity cage through my pantyhose and I felt like it might break with all the pressure building up in it.

As we continued to make out and she rubbed my cage, her necklace with my chastity key fell out of her blouse and hit me in the chin. She pulled away from my lips and and grabbed the keys with her hand that had been rubbing my cage.

“I bet you would like to use these to finally get out of your cage, huh?” She asked.

“God, yes,” I exclaimed in response.

“Hmm, well maybe. Are you ready for your reward, my little sissy?”


“Ok, stay where you are and close your eyes. No looking!”

I did as I was told and heard her walk off and open her dresser drawer. It sounded like she was taking off some clothes and putting some back on. Sexy lingerie perhaps?

I heard her start walking back but kept my eyes closed, eager for the surprise reward. “Ok, open your eyes,” she said in her sexy voice.

I sat up on the bed and opened my eyes. My eyes bulged even more open when I saw what was in front of my face. She had gotten undressed to just her bra and panties, but then she had put something new on top. It was a harness and attached to it was a long, penis shaped dildo.

“W-what is that for?” I stammered.

“This is your reward.”

To be continued…

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