How to Panty Train Your Man in Chastity

If you’re reading the title of this article and scratching your head as to why the hell you would want to ever panty train your man, well, we have a question to ask you in response… Why the hell wouldn’t you want to panty train your man?!

Look, if you’re here and reading our articles, you either already have your man locked in a chastity cage or are thinking about locking him up. That’s a great step one and you will naturally see great changes in his behavior, attitude, and mood after only a few days locked up. But there are more ways to turn him into a better husband, ways that are not only fun, but can give you a sense of power and control over him. Don’t you want that?

One of those ways is, of course, one of our favorite topics: Femdom. We have written several articles about how to take control of your man using chastity femdom and we could write countless more, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today is getting your man to start wearing panties.

So again, why would you want your man to wear panties? Let us explain some of the reasons:

  • Panties can be a great means to humiliate him and enforce your will over him
  • Panties will help put him in his new place as second in the relationship
  • Making him wear panties is a great test of his obedience towards you
  • Tight panties can help secure his cage in place and eliminate noice and discomfort he may otherwise have from wearing his cage
  • Panties are like a sissy gateway drug, if you want your man to become your sissy, this is a first great step
  • You get to dress up your husband in any kind of silly panty that you desire!

Not interested? No problem, it’s not for everyone. But if you are, keep reading to learn our methods for training your husband to wear panties.

Positive Associations

Men are simple creatures who, especially after being locked in chastity, have nothing but cum on the brain. If you can start giving him positive associations with the panties by fooling around and letting him orgasm while wearing them, he’s going to quickly start wanting to wear them more and more.

You can start by convincing him to put on a pair of your girliest panties (or buy a special pair just for him) and either rub his dick through the silky panties or give him a hand job through the leg hole. If you do the latter, making him wear ruched butt or thonged panties are great so they ride up his crack with each jerk. Take it to the next level by telling him from now on he will only be allowed to orgasm while he wears panties.

Tease Him While He Wears Them

When you make him wear his panties around the house (or in public), continued comments about him wearing them are great ways to humiliate him. Tell him that you can see his panties poking out from his pants when he bends over, run your finger along the waist band, grab his ass and tell him it looks great with panties on, and tell him how sexy they look on him. Not only will this work to embarrass him, but depending on your interactions, you can make him feel really naughty and turned on.

When you think he’s ready, send him out to run errands while wearing panties. Or better yet, send him to work in his panties. He will feel so dirty and naughty. He will love it and so will you.

Take Him Shopping

You know that lingerie store that gives you those bright pink bags to put your newly purchased panties in? Take him there. You can be upfront by telling him that you will be picking out panties for him to buy for himself (and might as well get a few for yourself) so that his drive and imagination build up on the car ride over, or you can be sneaky and just pop in while you’re out. Either way, once you have him inside, start browsing. If you have it in you, talk loudly about how you’re shopping for him and even hold up panties to him to see if they will look good. He will be so humiliated, he will beg you to stop and agree to do anything. But don’t stop if you don’t want to. Have him pay for the panties and watch his hands shake in a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Play Dress Up

Once he’s used to wearing panties, take it to the next level by turning him into your personal barbie doll. Convince him to wear a skirt and bra with his panties and then once again give him positive associations. Kiss him and grab his caged dick from under his skirt. Let him pleasure you while he’s dressed up.

Another fun idea is to dress him up in some sexy pajamas to cuddle and watch movies together. Pick out the girliest romcom that you have been dying to watch and make him get you food and drinks as you desire. If he’s against it, tell him he can be unlocked during the movie and that you will play with his dick. It can be a great way to tease him and even more fun to deny him when the movie ends and you tell him to lock his chastity cage back on.

What do you think? Are you ready to train your man to wear panties and take the next step in your female led relationship (FLR)?

If so, what kind of panties will you make your sissy husband wear first?

P.S. – Once you have him trained, make sure to tease him with some vibrating panties! He will absolutely LOVE the feeling of the vibrations against his chastity cage.

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