Why I Keep Him Caged and Plugged

Forcing your man to wear a chastity cage is a great start towards taking control of your relationship, but what if you want to take it to the next level? 

When it comes to chastity relationships, one of the most common ways to pleasure, tease, torture the man is to penetrate him anally using a butt plug or dildo. Chastity and anal play often go hand in hand so it’s only natural that chastity keyholders who want to take things to the next level opt to force their men to wear anal plugs.

That may seem odd or extreme to you because it would be uncomfortable to wear a butt plug that long, right? Surprisingly, men will get used to it and love it. Just make sure to take it easy on them at first and increase the wear duration over time and start small and increase the butt plug size over time as well.

But why make them wear a butt plug? Here are our reasons why you should make him:

Let’s Him Remember Who is Boss

The longer men wear chastity cages, the more they tend to forget they are because it starts feeling natural to them. Once they have reached that point it is important to have them wear something new to remember you. Many women have them start wearing panties, stockings and lingerie. If you don’t want him to do that (or he already is), the next step is to have in wear a butt plug.

Whenever he is sitting down (which is a lot for most men) he will be thinking of you how you control him and that’s exactly what you want.

You Can Humiliate Him

Once you have his chastity key you control his dick. Once you make him wear a butt plug, you now control his butt hole, too. That alone is humiliating for him when he has no control over two crucial parts of his body. The bigger the butt plug you make him wear, the more you can remind how loose his butt hole is becoming and what an anal slut he is to really tease him.

Tease and Embarrass Him in Public

Make him wear a vibrating butt plug controlled with a remote and you can turn it on/off whenever you want for whatever reason you want and tease and embarrass him whenever you want. Talking to a waitress or cashier? Turn it on to make his eyes open wide in shock and awe. Talking to a woman? Turn it on to let him know you’re watching and that you’re his master.

Force Him to Cum While Caged With Anal Stimulation

Want to treat him but don’t want to deal with his dick? Keep him locked and use the vibrating butt plug as a way to help him achieve a prostate orgasm. He will love it as prostate orgasms can be much bigger and better feeling than normal orgasms. 

Convince Him to Become Your Sissy

Into sissification or feminization? If so, anal play with butt plugs is a great way to start. You can’t be a sissy without having your butt used. Using anal plugs, starting with small ones and working your way up are a great way to get used to the feeling of having things penetrate your anus and stretch it out a bit to eventually allow dildos or even penises if desired.

No matter why you choose to force your man to wear a butt plug while in chastity, always remember to use plenty of lube and to start off small. Over time you will be able to increase the size as he gets used to it and his butt hole stretches. 

Once you have him in a larger size, consider pegging him with a strap on to really dominate him and make him feel like your bitch. I love the power I feel when dominating my husband by pounding his ass with a large dildo and making him cry for more.

Here’s our favorite butt plug starter kit and lube:


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Do you force your man to wear butt plugs? If so, why and what kind?

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