How to Handle Longterm Chastity

When you first start with chastity the thought of longterm chastity sounds crazy. How could you possibly stay locked up for days, weeks, months, or even years? But isn’t it interesting how the more you wear your chastity cage, the less crazy that idea sounds?

It’s true, right? If it wasn’t then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article wondering how to handle longterm chastity! Well, now that we know why here and have your attention, let’s discuss our keys for how to expand your chastity to longterm and how to handle it.

1. Work Your Way Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your endurance to go longterm in chastity from the beginning of wearing a cage. Work out a progressive plan with your keyholder to comfortably go longer and longer locked in your cage. Once you’re able to do a week or two, consider going a full month (Locktober is a great first month to try this). If you manage a month, chances are that you will be good to go even longer.

Once you’ve built up that endurance it can be hard to decide on how long you should stay locked up, but perhaps that decision is best left up to your keyholder. Let them know that you’re now comfortable with being locked up as long as they wish and submit to their decision.

2. Come Up With a Plan

Some people take longterm chastity to the extreme and even seal the lock to their cages. We don’t recommend that extreme level of chastity and, in fact, we encourage regular release for cleaning. Before committing and engaging in a longterm chastity session, have a discussion with your keyholder about topics such as release for cleaning as well as the following:

  • Exceptions to being released (emergency, medical/doctor’s visits, cleaning, etc) – consider a safe word to use as well if it is growing uncomfortable or painful.
  • How it will work on vacation (no cage for traveling or change into a new x-ray acceptable cage?)
  • Goals (how long? perhaps until you accomplish something like a sissy orgasm?)

Learn more with our Chastity Relationship Rules Guide

3. Talk About Orgasms

Are you allowed to orgasm during your longterm chastity session? If so…

  • How often and/or how can they be earned?
  • How? Cage on or off? Immediately locked up after?
  • Ruined or unruined?

In our opinion, the orgasms you should really be worried about are those of your keyholder. The longer you are locked up, the more you will learn to share orgasms and giving them pleasure will be extra rewarding and pleasureful for yourself.

4. Choose the Right Cage

With longterm chastity, the right cage is EVERYTHING. You won’t make it long with an uncomfortable or incorrectly sized cage. Take the time to figure out the right size and research the perfect cage that will leave you comfortably locked up for as long as you, or your keyholder, desires.

These are some of our favorite cages for longterm wearing:

5. Grin and Bear It

Once you’re locked up and beginning your new longterm chastity session, there’s nothing left to do but grin and bear it. No matter how experienced you are with chastity, the first week or two locked up can be uncomfortable and awkward as you’re often so turned on by being told you are going to be locked up longterm. You will find yourself constantly horny and your dick will often strain against its cage. This will eventually decrease on its own and become easier, though depending on how naughty and dominant your keyholder is and if they like to tease and deny you, it may never go away (and you know you will love that).

There will always be challenging days in which you will find your sex drive off the charts and long for your release and pleasure, but you will need to calm yourself an remember that you have submitted yourself and your key to your mistress/master and it is their decision whether or not you get release. After all, that is why you are locked up.

You may need to find ways to distract yourself. We enjoy reading a book to do this and clear our mind of our naughty thoughts. A cold shower or ice pack can also help relieve the build up.

6. Take Care of Yourself (and Your Cage)

We HIGHLY recommend that your keyholder lets you out of your chastity cage every so often to clean both yourself (and shave if you wish) and the cage itself. Read our Chastity Cage Cleaning Tips to learn more about proper chastity hygiene.

To quickly summarize, work your way up to longterm, find the right cage for you, come up with a longterm plan with your keyholder, and take care of yourself! Then all that’s left is to enjoy your new life in chastity. And we hope you do!

Did we miss anything? What are your secrets to longterm chastity?

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