How Male Chastity Improved My Relationship

My husband and I have been together for four years and after a few years our relationship was getting stale. We were spending less and less time together and our sex life was diminished as he was spending all of his time locked up in his office masturbating. One day I learned about male chastity and decided that this was what was needed to fix our marriage.

When I told my husband about my concerns he was very understanding and even agreed when I said we need to fix our marriage. When I told him about male chastity devices, he was very hesitant and concerned, but ultimately said he would try it for me because he loved me and wanted to make things better. Looking back, I think he would say that it was the best decision of his life (other than marrying me, of course).

During the first couple of months, I would lock him up occasionally as he adjusted to wearing the cage. He was more into it than either of us had expected, he said he felt naughty and kinky when I told him he needed to put his cage on and said he would look forward to it and would even sometimes be mean to me in hopes that I would lock him up. Once I realized this, I knew it was time for him to be in longterm chastity. He didn’t object.

As our chastity relationship progressed, I learned more about what typical keyholders would and could do with their locked up men. They would make their men do chores, run errands, and pleasure them at demand just by letting the men think they had a chance to orgasm. 

I loved being able to tell him to pleasure me when I was in the mood to orgasm without feeling responsible for his needs. He would make me orgasm then I would kiss him goodnight and roll over and it was amazing. 

I also started instituting chastity chores for my husband; adding a chore to his list every few weeks so I didn’t bombard him with demands. He did his best to do them all and when he would forget I had fun punishing him by bending him over the bed and giving him a firm spanking. 

After a couple punishments, we both realized that we were into this and he said he would be okay if I took the punishments up a level so I purchased a paddle, gag and restraints. He loved these additions and so did I. This quickly evolved to him being my slave and me his Mistress. 

As our new chastity relationship went on, we not only rekindled our old romance, but somehow fell more and more in love with each other. I was nervous about being his Mistress at first, but quickly started to really enjoy it. I felt so powerful and sexy, almost like a fucking goddess. He was so weak for me, and i absolutely loved that feeling. I could just turn him on by giving him my Mistress look.

He loves it too. He loves serving me and pleasuring me at my demand. I’ve never had so many amazing orgasms or felt this close to anyone in my life. It’s amazing and I feel like I have my best friend back again. Not to mention that our house has never been so clean so often either! 

If you’ve been considering locking up your husband, do it! It will be the best decision of your life!

The longer you keep him in chastity, the more you want to keep him in it.
The longer you keep him in chastity, the more you want to keep him in it.

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