Chastity Relationship Rules

To have the most success out of your chastity relationship it is important to have a base set of rules in place so that you both know what to expect and your man knows how to behave. Sure, you can teach him these behaviors over time, but it would be much easier and quicker to show him a list of rules and then enforce them as he breaks them. Lucky for you, we have a starter’s list of the most important rules for any chastity relationship.

In terms of chastity rules, we believe these fall into three categories: his attitude, his responsibilities, and his chastity.

His Attitude:

  1. No being disrespectful or rude to you, your friends or family
  2. No swearing or raising his voice to you
  3. He will put your needs before his own
  4. He will not lie or deceive you in any way
  5. He will always give you his full attention when you talk to him. No being distracted, checking his phone, turning back to the TV, etc. Full attention on you.
  6. He will do what you tell him to without argument and will not forget to do something you have requested of him
  7. He will address you with your preferred title (mistress, madam, dear, etc)
  8. He will control his sexual energy and will not try to smoother you with extra attention

His Responsibilities:

Note: these will be very personal for each couple, but these are some of the most common that keyholders like to require of their men.

  1. He will make the bed daily
  2. He will do the dishes and clean all tables and countertops daily
  3. He will vacuum the house weekly
  4. All trash will be taken out when full with a new bag put in place
  5. All responsibilities will be taken care of before any free time is allowed

For more ideas on chastity responsibilities, check out our larger list of chastity chores.

His Chastity:

  1. He will not whine or beg to have his cage unlocked
  2. He will not complain about discomfort or pain unless severe
  3. He will always immediately put on his cage when told
  4. He will never orgasm without your permission (no sissygasms behind your back)
  5. He will never let anyone near his penis or cage unless you have instructed it
  6. His cage will be allowed off at least once a week for cleaning and then put back on immediately or as per your desire.

Many men and their keyholders will create chastity contracts that outline these details and more. These contracts are great to have expectations outlined and boundaries set. Make sure you include wiggle room however in case you think of a fun new chore, punishment or humiliation.

Speaking of punishments, what happens if he breaks any of these rules? Punishments will be at the keyholders discretion but may include: spankings, time out (tied up or cuffed and isolated), time added to his chastity session, etc. For more ideas on chastity punishments, check out our list of favorite chastity punishments.

Once you and your man have these chastity rules in place he should know them by heart and honor each and every one of them. If he does, then you will have a much more attentive and well behaved man. If not, then you’ll have fun punishing him until he gets that way.

You better not be begging to get out of your chastity cage.
You better not be begging to get out of your chastity cage.

Did we miss any important rules? Let us know!

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