Becoming a Sissy Maid: Part 1

Shortly after I started my chastity life and relationship with my wife, she implemented what she called my “chastity chores list“. These were daily and weekly chores that I was required to complete in order to have a chance of getting unlocked from my chastity cage. Little did I know that my wife would soon take this to a whole new level.

At first, my chastity chores started as simple daily tasks like making the bed and doing the dishes every day and vacuuming the house once a week. Occasionally she would have other one time requests like deep clean the kitchen or clean the bathroom which were easy enough to tackle and satisfying knowing that I was making her happy. If I forgot a chore or didn’t complete it to her liking I would get a spanking and an extra day in my cage. This wasn’t too bad and honestly these chores were all things I probably should have been doing anyway. This went on for some time and we were both happier for it.

This all changed one day when my wife called me into the bedroom. She was standing next to the bed when I came in and she said, “Hun, while I appreciate that you are usually so good with your chores, the house is still too messy. With the pandemic we haven’t been able to have our house cleaner clean the house in quite a while so it’s time for you to take on some new responsibilities… and a new role.”

That didn’t sound too bad. I assumed she meant doing some dusting here and there and more general cleaning. She beaconed me over to her and pointed to something on the bed. “I went ahead and bought you a uniform for your new role. I hope you like it.”

I was pretty confused about why I would need a uniform to clean more until what was on the bed. She had laid a maid’s outfit complete with dress, apron, and headband along with lacy lingerie with a garter belt, thong and thigh high stockings. I’ll admit that crossdressing is something that has peaked my interest before, but my wife was never into the idea.

She could tell I was confused. “That’s right, you’re going to be my maid. From now on it’s your job to make sure this house is spotless. You will dress up and act as my maid once a week and clean until I’m satisfied. Do a good job in a timely manner without complaining and you may get a reward. Anything else will earn you a punishment.”

I stared at my wife in disbelief. It kind of sounded fun, but also like a lot of work. “Are you serious?” I asked her.

“That’s not a complaint is it?” she retorted, putting her hands on her hips and a frown on her face.

“No, dear.” I said as I went back to scanning the outfit on the bed.

“Good. Now get dressed. And while you’re my maid, you will refer to me as ‘mistress’. Text me when you’re done.” She quickly walked out of the room and shut the door, leaving me and the frilly maid dress and lingerie.

I could feel my dick trying to get hard in its cage. Never before had my wife been so stern with my chastity; it was very sexy and I felt like she somehow took even more control over me in that moment. I was becoming her slave and I had no choice but to do as she instructed and get dressed so I got dressed.

When I was finished with my maid dress on, thigh highs clipped into the garter, and apron tied behind my back, I texted her to let her know and waited for her to come back. She opened the door with her hands behind her back.

“Well don’t you look cute. I’m glad you obeyed me. Here’s the last piece of your outfit,” she said as she revealed her right hand which was holding a black silky pouch. She walked up and handed it to me as she slowly walked around me, examining my outfit. She lifted my dress in the back and ran her finger along the top of my thong then gave my ass a little slap.

I opened the pouch and pulled out out a butt plug.

“As my sissy maid, I expect you to always be caged and plugged. You are to always have this butt plug in and vibrating. Now get your ass plugged and get to work. I’m going to go get a pedicure. I expect the house to be much cleaner by the time I get back.” She gave my ass another spank and left the room.

With no other choice, I put in the butt plug and got to work…

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