Forced to be a Sissy Slave: Part 7

This is a continuation of the story of  Becoming a Sissy Maid.

As the months passed and my wife kept me locked in chastity more and more for longer and longer, my desire to be Zoe, her sissy maid, grew every day. Luckily, my wife “made” me be Zoe every weekend and sometimes a time or two during the week. I loved every second of it.

My wife would peg me when she deemed it a special occasion or I earned a reward. After a few times she told me she had to buy a bigger dildo because the old one was getting too small for my sissy pussy. I was nervous to take a longer and thicker dildo, but was pleasantly surprised by how much better it felt. 

On most days she required that I wear a mouth gag that was shaped like a penis. She made me alternate between a short gag and a longer gag, saying the short one would help me learn to please the head and the longer one would help me with my pathetic gag reflex. If I struggled with the long dildo gag, she would force me to practice on her strap on and if I gagged or complained she would punish me and call me ungrateful, saying, “real sissies love sucking cock and would never gag.”

Sucking on the dildo was a little weird to me and made me question my manliness, but when she demanded me to suck on it and called me her sissy slut I would suddenly have a passion for it. At first I just had to tell myself, “it’s not gay if your wife is forcing you to do it.” Eventually, as my gag reflex and skill improved, I started enjoying sucking her strap on and receiving complements from my wife.

My cleaning skills were vastly improved as well. I knew far more about cleaning than I ever expected I would or could. I started buying new cleaning supplies and really getting into it. I knew the better I performed as a maid, the more likely I would get to be a maid. Over time it kind of became a hobby and challenge to clean more and better. Some how there never seemed to be an end to the cleaning and maintaining the household and that was fine by me.

Everything was great other than our sex life. At least that’s what I would tell my guy friends because my wife and I never really had sex anymore. Maybe once a month she would let me out and let me have sex with her, but most of the time if I got out she would give me a ruined orgasm or penetrate her without being allowed to cum. She would tell me that denying me orgasms would make me a better maid. I got to make her orgasm all the time which I loved, but I could tell that she longed for more dick. 

She had me start fucking her with dildos and vibrators. Part of me wanted to say, “why not just unlock me and let me fuck you?!” The other part of me loved being in my cage and didn’t want to come out for any reason so I stayed quiet and followed her orders. I also realized that this dildo was so much bigger than my little dick and was pleasing her way more than I ever could.

Then one day when I got ready to be Zoe, my wife came to me with a change of plans. “Zoe, my house is clean enough today so I have something else planned for you. I owe my friend, Taylor, a favor so I told them I’d clean their house. Of course, I no longer clean so that’s where you come in.”

“You want me to clean someone else’s house? Will he be there? And who is this Taylor girl?!” I asked in a panic. I had never heard of a Morgan before and didn’t like the idea of cleaning anyone else’s house. I enjoyed my at home cleaning routine so much.

“That’s really none of your business, Zoe, but Taylor is just someone I met at the gym who has been giving me private training sessions. I offered to pay back the favor by cleaning their house. And yes, Taylor will be there but don’t worry, I’ll keep them preoccupied so you’ll hardly notice him. Now come on, grab your cleaning supplies, get in the car and let’s go. If you do a good job, I promise you’ll get a big reward.” She replied.

Ever eager to please my wife and mistress, I did as I was told and got everything in the car. 

When we got there I met Taylor at the door. I had assumed Taylor was a woman, but he was a tall, handsome man with bulging muscles. We gave each other weird looks, both clearly not expecting what we were seeing, but he welcomed us in when my wife showed him a bottle of wine and explained that she had hired a maid to do the cleaning and wanted to use the time to have a drink and get to know him better while I cleaned. 

He brought her into his bedroom and closed the door and left me to clean. I didn’t like my wife being in a room with another man, but I just assumed they would be talking about working out or something boring and the faster I got done, the sooner we could both get home. So I got started. 

After several hours of vacuuming and mopping the floors, cleaning mirrors, toilets, and sinks, doing dishes, cleaning appliances and dusting, I tapped on Taylor’s bedroom door to let them know I was done.

My wife came out and put my leash on and led me around the house to inspect what I had done. Oddly enough, she seemed to know her way around already. Overall, she didn’t seem too interested and was generally approving of everything. It wasn’t her house after all so why would she care that much and I didn’t mind because I wanted to get home.

“Everything looks amazing, Zoe. You’ve done a great job. Are you ready for your big reward?” She asked me.

“If you’re so gracious as to give me a reward, of course. But here, mistress?” I asked in reply.

“Of course, Zoe. Today, after your months of practicing, it’s finally time you got real world experience as not just my sissy maid, but as my sissy slave. Are you excited?”

I was confused and frightened. I had been practicing my maid and cleaning skills of course, but I had already fulfilled that task. The only other thing has been practicing sucking on the dildo. She couldn’t possibly mean…

“You’re speechless. No worry, I like you that way better. Come join us in the bedroom.” She said as she took my hand and lead me towards the door.

As I entered the bedroom, Taylor was sitting on the edge of his bed, naked and stroking his erect penis. I could feel my eyes bulge in shock. No way, there’s no way she’s going to make me do this.

“Zoe, when it comes to sex, my husband has been very lacking in both his performance and size. He has never even been able to make me orgasm or satisfy me sexually. Lately, he hasn’t even wanted to try and I have a feeling he’s much more interested in dick then my pussy.” She moved to stand beside Taylor, resting her hand on his shoulder. 

“Taylor here has been very interested and willing to please me and has been great at it.” She said as she closed her eyes and bit her lip clearly remembering their past exploits. “Today isn’t about me though, it’s about you, Zoe. You’ve been so good to me and with your sissy training lately and I wanted to reward you. So today, you get to please Taylor with that little mouth of yours and then with your sissy pussy.”

I stood, wide-eyed, staring at her. There was so much to process. She was cheating on me with this guy and now she wanted me to suck his dick? I’m a man; I can’t suck a dick!

“Zoe,” she started as she crossed her arms. “Don’t embarrass me! Get. On. Your. Knees. NOW!”

On instinct I did as she told me and got on my knees.

“Good, girl. Now start sucking, you dirty little sissy slut. I know you want to.”

The truth was that I did want to. I had been wondering for weeks what a real dick would feel like in my mouth and in my ass. My penis started throbbing and trying to burst out of the chastity cage that was tucked between my legs which only seemed to confirm my desire. But my wife was standing right there and if I did this it would confirm to her that I did want to.

“I said, ‘SUCK’!” She yelled as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it towards the dick.

Well, I guess I have no choice, right? I opened my mouth and took cock in my mouth for the first time. It was much softer than the dildo but that was nice. I reached up and grabbed the shaft and started deep throating it, using my tongue to in a way I knew would feel good to Taylor. He started to moan.

“That’s it. That’s a good slut. I knew you were born for sucking cock.” She said as she leaned in close to watch.

To my surprise, she wasn’t mad at all, she was acting like she really knew I wanted to do this. Her reaction and acceptance excited me more and I got more into it, feeling his thick, throbbing veins against my tongue and his pulsing head in the back of my throat.

I felt like i blacked out. I was so in rhythm with my sucking and licking. Next thing I know I feel a surge hit the back of my throat and Taylor groaned loudly as he pulled his dick out of my mouth. I could see that it was dripping with cum as I swallowed, tasting what was in my mouth already. 

“Welcome to your new life, Zoe. Now clean up that dick and assume position on the bed. We’re just getting started.”

My new life? Well, I guess there’s no going back now.

I looked up and locked eyes with my wife. “Thank you, mistress,” I said with a smile. Then I turned back to Taylor’s cock and licked the rest of the cum off. I stood up and pulled up my petticoat and skirt as I bent over the bed with my face in the bedding.

“Now, are you ready to find out how a real man fucks?” Asked my wife.

“Yes, mistress.” I replied as I closed my eyes. I can’t wait.

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  2. When I saw you photo in your black lingerie I would love to submit to you for your pleasure
    I would love to be made to live as a submissive sissy even though I am straight. I would like a woman to take me and strip me naked and make me slip on panties, full lingerie and so on. Discreet
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    confession, Forced to be A Sissy

  3. I have been trained as a housemaid and a parlour maid. I have a number of maid uniforms that I wear when working as a housemaid for a local lady. What I need now is a couple to put me to work as a female cleaner in a house or office for which they charge. They are not to pay me just tell me each month how much money they have made out of me and maybe what they have spent it on. I would of course have to do their cleaning and it would be nice if they went for a nice meal paid for out of my earnings while I was cleaning their house. When they got back they could inspect my work and punish me for anything not done to the level they wanted. They could then dismiss me after punishing me with a riding crop across my knickers and with a warning to do a better job next time or the whipping would be worse

  4. Oh my god . ! My little clit is so hard in its cage reading this! Please please ……CONTINUE 🙏 🥰

    1. I am still working as a housemaid every couple of weeks. In uniform of course and the lady I work for keeps a riding crop in the kitchen. I do get punished for any faults but even if the work is done to her satisfaction I still get 6 strokes across my knickers before I am dismissed just to remind me who is the boss and who is the maid servant

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