How Cuckolds Should Prepare For Their Wife’s Dates

You might think that a date night with a hot wife and her new fling should be left to themselves, but there is a lot that the wife’s husband, her cuckold, could and should be involved in. In fact, a proper cuckold should have a large role in the night.

Here are our tips for how a cuckold should prepare for his wife’s dates:

Help Her Pick Out Her Outfit and Get Ready

A husband will know what which outfit will best arouse his wife’s date so he should definitely be involved in not only helping her pick it out, but making sure it’s dry cleaned, her heels are cleaned and she has ample time to get ready. Offer her drinks and snacks and take care of anything else in the house that may otherwise distract her.

Make Sure Her Car is Ready

Getting the car cleaned and filled up with gas will not only help save her time and stress while on her date, but it will also give her more confidence going into her date.

Clean the House and Make the Bed

No body wants to take their date home to a dirty house or a messy bed – especially if they plan to use that bed. A good cuckold should make sure their house is tidy and the bed is well made and inviting.

Have Snacks and Drinks Ready

You don’t need to turn yourself into a full on waiter (though some may want to play the maid), but having finger foods and your wife’s favorite cocktails ready will help encourage her date to become her bull and relax the mood in general.

Be On Standby

You never know what your hotwife may need so it’s best to be on standby in the next room over or in the bedroom, waiting for any request she may make of you. This could just be fetching them more drinks to helping get the action started.

Clean Up the Mess

Sex is a messy business. Unless your wife’s date uses a condom, chances are there will be a mess made somewhere. Be ready and clean up however your wife requests you to.

What do you think of our list of what a cuckold should do to prepare for their wife’s dates? Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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