Why You Should Stop Buying Cheap Knockoff Chastity Cages

When you’re first starting off with male chastity, it’s understandable that you might not want to splurge on expensive or custom made chastity cages and that’s completely understandable. In fact, we would actually encourage it because it’s a great way to test out different varieties and sizes to find what you like best and find the most comfortable. But the longer you stay envolved with chastity, the more you should really reconsider investing in a proper chastity cage.

Why? Before we explore the reasons why you should notbuy knockoff chastity cages, let us first review the reasons why you should. Sound counter intuitive, but hear us out.

  • They are cheap. Amazon and eBay have chastity cages for $30-50 (though the prices have been getting more expensive).
  • They are much easier to get. When you can easily find them on major retail sites like Amazon it makes them much easier to buy.
  • They are a good introduction into chastity. As we mentioned earlier, the cheap knockoff cages are a good way to start off with male chastity and to discover what types you like best.

Now, let’s review the reasons why you should stop buying knockoff chastity cages.

  • They are cheap. Cheap in price, but also cheap in quality. Knockoff chastity cages are much likely to break so you will find yourself paying MORE to replace them.
  • They are much easier to get. They’re easier to get because they are mass produced by low quality manufacturers. They often even come with sandpaper and tell you to sand them to make them more comfortable. That just shows how poorly made they are. You shouldn’t have to fix  something you just purchased!
  • They are a good introduction into chastity. Exactly. They’re a good intro. Once you have committed to the chastity lifestyle it is time to fully commit and buy a real cage.

You see what we did there? Cleverness aside, let’s discuss MORE reasons why you should stop buying knockoffs.

  • Long shipping times. You’re most likely buying these items from China and they will take weeks to arrive.
  • No support or warranties. You will get nothing from the seller if you’re even able to find them again (listings on Amazon are always disappearing and spawning up again with different names). Real chastity cages come with warranties and support to help you best enjoy your new chastity cage.
  • Uncomfortable for longterm use. Unless you do a perfect job sanding your cheap cage, chances are it’s going to start chaffing and hurting soon and no amount of lube or lotion is going to help it.

Are you convinced yet? If you are and you’re ready to move away from cheap knockoffs, check out the following real chastity cages that we recommend trying.

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