How to Make Your Man Cum in His Chastity Cage

Believe it or not, it is possible for men to orgasm with a flaccid penis and while wearing a chastity cage. It may sound crazy, but rest assured, it is real, it is amazing and he will love it.  It’s also a great way to humiliate him by keeping him locked in his cage longer (and depending on how you make him cum).

So how does one make a man cum while wearing a chastity cage? We’re glad you asked. Here are our top 4 methods for making a man orgasm in their cages.

1. Vibrators

Vibrators are the tried and true method for chastity cage orgasms. Grab your favorite vibrator or buy a new one, preferably a high powered one, and use it on your man. You can either place it against his balls or against his chastity cage. Pressing the vibrator against his balls works better the longer he has been locked up and the more swollen his balls are. Pressing it against the cage itself will send pleasuring vibrations all across his penis.

Both are great methods for stimulating his penis and given enough time will definitely make him orgasm. We highly recommend using a Magic Wand Vibrator! If that’s not for you, check out some other fun vibrators at Sexy Fun World – including vibrating panties which are great for him and her!

2. Cage Stimulation (hand/blow jobs)

Stimulating the penis through the cage depends on the cage that he’s wearing. The more open the cage, the more he will feel your touches and the more sensation he will feel. However, it isn’t impossible to make him cum this way even if the cage is completely sealed. 

Rubbing his caged penis sensually will definitely start making him hard as will sucking on or licking the cage. It will drive him crazy to barely feel it or not feel it at all. Play with his balls at the same time and tease him about how badly he wishes he could feel it. Chances are you will send him over the edge in no time.

3. Pegging

Making your man cum by pegging him is another classic method which is also known as a sissygasm. Either use a dildo or vibrator in his butt or go all the way with a dildo attached to a strap on. Stimulating his prostate with penetration while you call him a slut will be both humiliating to him and extremely pleasuring. Many men will feel ashamed afterwards, but they will love the result.

4. Caged Sex (the power of imagination)

For caged sex you will want to use the caged penis to have sex as if you were using a dildo or a vibrator. You will have to find the best angle to get it inside of you, especially if it is a micro sized cage, but even if you just grind on it young will drive him crazy with desire. He will want to fuck you so badly but no be able to. If you’re able to get it inside of you just the slight feeling of you will be the ultimate tease.

Another great option for this is to have him wear a strap on over his caged penis to fuck your with. He will be going through all the motions without feeling anything. Just the thought of fucking you and the longing he has will be enough to drive him to orgasm.

Whether you’re looking to keep your man locked in chastity for long term and want to reward him with a chance to orgasm or whatever the reason, making your man cum while wearing a chastity cage can be exhilarating. Many men have mind blowing orgasms with an excessive amount of cum as a result. It’s a great way to get a man to want to stay locked up.

P.S. – all of the above methods are also great ways to tease your man in chastity! Just stop before they cum to give them the ultimate chastity tease and denial.

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