Guide to Chastity Humiliation

Chastity femdom and humiliation go hand in hand when it comes to chastity. I mean, teasing your locked up man about his pathetic little penis trapped in his little pink cage just comes naturally to chastity keyholders in the moment. For the keyholders who want to take it to the next level, here are some of our favorite methods of chastity humiliation of men wearing chastity devices.

Note: Just because you’re a chastity keyholder doesn’t mean that you have to do any of these things to your man; these are just common, fun add-ons that lots of chastity couples like to participate in. You or he may feel very uncomfortable or unwilling to participate in many of these. It’s important to have a talk well in advanced as to how for you both want to take your chastity relationship. You should also have a “safe word” in place in case someone oversteps the other’s comfortability.

We’ve broken up these humiliations into three different levels. Starting at level 1 which are mild, going to level 2 which is medium, and ending with level 3 which is rough.

Level 1 Chastity Humiliations

  • Name calling – calling him pathetic, simple, worthless, perverted, sad, embarrassing, etc.
  • Mocking his “manliness” – telling him he has a worthless, useless, tiny little dick.
  • Taking pictures of him and his locked up penis
  • Rubbing in the fact that you have full power over him and his penis
  • Forcing him to wear a butt plug and teasing him about how loose his butthole is getting
  • Making him carry your purse and drinks in public
  • Making him wear frilly panties and other women’s clothing under his clothes in public while you tease him about being a sissy and liking it

Level 2 Chastity Humiliations

  • Making him buy panties and lingerie in public and telling all the store clerks that they are for him and not you
  • Make him get a pedicure and choose a color for his toenails to be painted
  • Forced sucking a dildo or wearing a penis shaped gag while you tell him how much he likes it
  • Shave his body (other than hair on head) and comment on how girly/feminine his body looks
  • Posting pictures of him and his locked penis online
  • Telling your friends about his chastity lifestyle
  • Making him eat his own cum when you actually let him orgasm
  • Penetrate him anally (dildo, strap-on, fingers, etc)
  • Dress him up like a maid and make him clean the house

Level 3 Chastity Humiliations

  • Dress him up like a maid and make him clean one of your friend’s house
  • Making him appear naked in front of your friends and letting them tease him
  • Start sleeping with another man and telling your chaste man about how much better your new man is
  • Cuckolding him and making him service the other man
  • Drinking your urine

You would be surprised how many men would be aroused by all of these humiliations and willing participate… especially after a few weeks locked up.

Mock his cock to humiliate him while he is in a chastity cage.
Mock his cock to humiliate him while he is in a chastity cage.

Let us know what your favorite humiliations are!

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  1. It’s essentially in this day and age for women to have several men in their life
    At least two lovers

  2. Sounds fantastic!! Yes. Willing to do things that formerly were unthinkable, regardless of how humiliating or degrading. Props! ❤️❤️❤️

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