Chastity Dice Game

Chastity Games are a popular way for keyholders to reward their men or to decide if they can orgasm any given day. Chastity dice games are a popular option because they are simple and most people have the one or two needed die to play. You’ll find a lot of different varieties of chastity dice games online, but these are our favorite.

Cage Sentencing

This is a very simple game to determine how long the chastity cage term will be. Roll two dice and the sum of the results will equal the number of days the cage will be worn. So if you roll a six and a four, the cage will be on for ten days. If 12 days locked up isn’t long enough for your relationship, add another dice to roll or change to dice with more sides.

A twist on this game can make it a bit more fun for the guy with less upfront risk. Roll one die first and the number that comes up is how many rolls he gets to do if he wishes. Roll all the dice first and he gets to take one die to keep. Keep rolling the other die/dice until he rolls the amount turns he rolled with the first die or he has kept all of the dice. This twist is definitely better used when you are using more than two dice and if you think 6 chances are way too much then change it so rolling 1-3 give one chance and 4-6 gives two chances or however best works for you.

Orgasm or Denial?

This is our favorite dice game because it’s uses rhyming to make it easy to remember. 

Dice RollResult
1You get to cum
2Let’s turn those balls blue (tease & denial session)
3No key for thee (no orgasm)
4You get a chore
5Let’s build your sex drive (tease & denial session)
6Keyholder picks (keyholder gets to decide)

This version of the game gives the man a 1/6 chance to orgasm, a 2/6 chance to get teased. So that’s a generous 50% that their penis is at least touched. Plus there’s a 1/6 chance that the keyholder gets to decide (#6) and maybe they’re feeling generous too. The other results are simply no orgasm and not orgasming and having to do a chastity chore.

Disclaimer – Neither Male Chastity Life, its owners, its authors, this web site, or any other entity is responsible or liable for the results of using this Chastity Game or any others listed on this website. You use Chastity and these games at your own risk and you bear full responsibility for the consequences of using these games.

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