Chastity Punishments List

With any male chastity lifestyle comes rules to follow from the keyholder. These rules are typically agreed upon by both the chastity keyholder and the man who will be locked up early in the chastity relationship so that both parties have an understanding as to the expectations and limits of each other. However, these rules will eventually be broken by the man as he gets a pent up desire to orgasm and when this happens, the keyholder gets to decide how to properly punish him.

Chastity punishments are going to widely vary between relationships. Some couples may be more into “funishments” (fun punishments) which will be very mild and some are into full on BDSM and torture. The scope of your punishments may increase and evolve over the course of your chastity relationship as both of you may come to learn they like different things.

Below is a list of the most popular chastity punishments broken up by level of seriousness. You will notice that there is some overlap between these and our list of chastity humiliations which is true because humiliation is a form of punishments. So our list of chastity humiliations is another good resource for more punishment ideas.

Level 1 Chastity Punishments

  • Roll a Dice and add that many days to chastity term – denying his orgasm for more days will definitely teach him a lesson
  • Spanking with hand or paddle
  • Add spikes to cage – many metal cages have add-on spikes available. These are great to enforce for a short time while you tease him and he feels the spikes when his penis tries to harden.
  • Put him in time out – make him sit in a corner for 30-60 minutes with no phone or anything so he has to think about what he did. 
  • Rinse his mouth out with soup – good to do if he said something bad or out of line to you
  • Write sentences – just like the old school punishment, make him write out his apology or wrong doing 100 times on paper
  • Make him do household chores

Level 2 Chastity Punishments

  • Ruined orgasm – make him think he’s going to orgasm then stop at the last second to ruin it. Then make sure he knows why you ruined it
  • Edge him then stop and demand he puts his cage back on using an ice pack to help wilt his penis
  • Gag him – did he say something bad to you? Silence him with a ball gag, or better yet, a penis shaped gag
  • Bondage / other toys – tie him up to spank him or put him in time out, make him wear nipple clamps or a butt plug, etc
  • No toys – does he like to use sex toys during activities, sex or while doing chores? Next time he does one, don’t allow him his normal toys

Level 3 Chastity Punishments

  • Walk him like a dog – strip him down, put a collar and leash on him and walk him like the dog he is
  • Make him eat off the ground
  • Silence him with a strap on – quiet him up while you force him to suck your strap on and you lecture him on why he was bad
  • Give him the key back – if he did something very bad then hand over the keys to his chastity cage and tell him your done with it. This will really mess with his mind and make him apologetic. He’ll come crawling back to you so you take his keys back
  • Make him tell people – force him to tell friends about what he did and why he is being made to admit to it (because his wife controls him)
  • Post-orgasm tease and torture

He may learn to love his punishments over time so make sure to change them up. And as always, make sure you have an agreed upon safe word so you don’t take it too far.

Punish him by unlocking his chastity cage, edging him and not allowing him to cum.
Punish him by unlocking his chastity cage, edging him and not allowing him to cum.

Let us know what your favorite chastity punishments are or if we forgot any good ones!

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  1. We sometimes use her well worn knickers as a gag, especially for something I have said that she doesn’t like. This is especially good when used in conjunction with a sharp caning . They are easily tied in or the caning doubled if they are ejected.

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