Punish Him with Post Orgasm Torture

If your boyfriend or husband has been particularly bad or if you just need to teach him a lesson, post-orgasm torture or teasing is a great way to get a point across and show him who is boss.

Post-orgasm torture is exactly what the name implies. It’s when you deliberately causes intense, sometimes painful, stimulation to the penis and balls after climax. After orgasming, most men’s genitals are extremely sensitive and many do not want them touched at all at that time. When you tease the area you can cause extreme sensation and take away from their post-orgasm bliss.

While calling it torture may be a bit extreme, it all depends on what you do and how much you do. Chances are that he will be shocked and taken aback by any quantity. The more you are into BDSM and femdom, the more you can do but always make sure to keep it within a safe amount.

When you perform any of the following methods, he is going to try to stop you so you may want to consider bondage to prevent him from stopping you. 

Still interested? Here are various ways to tease and torture your man post-orgasm.

Keep Going

The easiest, most logical method is to just keep rubbing. Their penis will be super sensitive, especially the head, so keep the action going after he cums. If you were giving him a hand job then keep stroking; for oral keep sucking, and for sex, which is much easier if you’re on top and in control, keep moving. In all three cases, make sure all parts of his penis head is well touched. This will be the most sensitive area and will drive him crazy.


Palming is when you use the palm of your hand to rub circles on his dick head. Use one hand to hold his dick up (which may be starting to go limp) and with the other slowly start to touch his dick head with your palm. Your palm should be moisturized for best results. Try alternating from slow and small circles to fast, firm and/or larger circles to see what effects him the best (or worst).

An alternative version is to pretend like his dick is an apple and give the head a good polishing with your palm or something with a soft/silky texture. 

Punish His Dick

One method under the BDSM umbrella is to actually punish his dick after he orgasms. Options for this are to put small amounts of icy hot on his penis head which will create an intense burning sensation (do not use too much, it can be very intense) or to punish his balls by hitting/slapping them or caning them. Before trying these we advise that you do more research on them and start very small and easy with them.

Make Him Eat His Own Cum

If you man is disgusted by the idea of eating his own cum then this is a great punishment. If you have him tied down then don’t let him out until he does it or if you are his chastity keyholder, let him know that he won’t get unlocked again until he’s willing to do it.

Make Him Participate in One of His Fetishes

Many men who are into different fetishes lose all interest once they orgasm. For example, if they get turned on by wearing lingerie, once they orgasm they want to quickly strip it off and get back into their normal clothes because they lose all that sexual desire once they have their relief. 

If your man is like this, then make him participate in one of his fetishes post-orgasm. If he likes to dress in women’s clothes then make him dress as a maid and clean the house; if he likes to get pegged, peg him after he already orgasmed; if he likes being dominated, dominate him. 

You’re basically reversing the order of his sexual gratification. Give him lackluster orgasm and THEN do what he probably wanted you to do from the beginning except now he either doesn’t have the desire or won’t be able to sexually enjoy it because he already orgasmed. It’s good mental torture as well.

Ruined Orgasm

If you want to really get to him, first ruin his orgasm by stopping your stimulation of his penis right before he ejaculates. When he does orgasm it will be ruined and he will obtain little to no sexual relief from it and often his penis will stay erect. Continue what you were previously doing to stimulate it or do any of the above post-orgasm tortures to double his punishment.

Post-orgasm torture is a training method for women in female-led relationships and chastity relationships. Teasing and torturing your man will help teach him obedience and who is boss. Interested in other ways to punish your chastity man? Read our guide on chastity punishments.

What is your favorite method of post-orgasm torture?

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