Chastity Cage Cleaning Tips

When it comes to chastity cages and the male chastity lifestyle, there’s one topic that doesn’t get enough talk. Chastity Cage Hygiene. 

Other than the keyholder’s power over the cage wearer, hygiene is the most important thing to consider when using chastity cages. This is because daily wearing makes the cage accumulate sweat, pee and lots of other bacteria that you don’t even want to think about. Without proper cleaning, the locked penis is susceptible to this bacteria which can cause rashes and infections.

Not to mention the smell. Have you smelled a dick after it has been locked in chastity for several days without proper cleaning? It smells disgusting!

Have no fear though – we still love chastity cages and you should, too. We are here to help you keep your cages and penis clean and healthy so you or your man can stay locked and denied longer and safer.

Allow temporary removal for thorough cleaning

The most surefire way to maintain proper cleaning is to allow for temporary removal of the chastity cage so that the cage and genitals can be properly cleaned. Temporary removal does not break your chastity streak as long as you don’t orgasm so don’t worry about that – it’s perfectly okay to remove your cage for cleaning and it is highly recommended!

At least once a week (just our opinion and we are not doctors), chastity cages should be removed for a thorough cleaning. The cage should be scrubbed with soap and water until all dirt and scum have been removed. Make sure to dry it before putting it back on. In that time, the genitals should be cleaned with soap and water as well.

Personally, we like to have a second cage that can be put on so the other cage can be deep cleaned. We prefer to put the cage on the top shelf of the dish washer for a good cleaning.

Wear a properly fitting chastity cage

If you wear a chastity cage that’s too big then you’re going to have a problem with hygiene. Having a cage that’s too large will make urinating much harder than it should be and it will result in a lot of trapped pee in your cage. This is because if your flaccid penis is not pressing against the tip of the cage then it’s going to move around a lot in your cage and when it comes time to pee, it may not line up with the hole in the cage which leads to problems.

Having a properly fitting chastity cage makes peeing extremely easy and makes the process much cleaner. We recommend picking a cage that is 0.25 to 0.50 inches shorter than the length of your flaccid penis.

Pee sitting down and wipe

Urine is the biggest culprit to the germs and stink that accrue in chastity cages and as discussed with the properly fitting chastity cages before, peeing in a chastity cage can cause a mess. This is why peeing sitting down is helpful and wiping afterwards is a must.

Let’s face it, when you’re wearing a chastity cage and have to pee, accidents are bound to happen. That’s why the must surefire way to pee without making a mess is to do so sitting down. When you’re sitting down to pee, it doesn’t matter if your aim is slightly off or if your urethra appears to be pointing straight out of the cage but decides to shoot the pee out to an angle. You have the whole bowl to fill without fear of missing.

After you’re done, you’re actually not. Your penis will continue to drip. Grab a square of toilet paper and dab it on the tip of your penis to collect the extra urine until it stops dripping. If you don’t then all that pee is going to end up in your cage. It only takes a few seconds each time and is well worth it!

Clean it in the shower

Every time you take a shower you should make sure to give your cage and genitals a good cleaning. Lather it up with soap and water and make sure to clean it the best that you can to make sure to get any extra liquids or germs out of it. When you’re done, try to dry the cage and are the best you can as well to minimize the amount of moisture that is left.

Keep the area cleanly shaved

The chastity cage isn’t the only area that traps dirt, fluids and bacteria. Yes, your pubic hair can collect all this as well. While you can make sure it stays clean with the above methods, keeping the area shaved is the best bet for any man wearing a chastity cage. Public hair and chastity cages can be extremely uncomfortable to begin with as your hair can get caught and pulled in the cage so it’s better to get rid of it anyways. In order to keep it fresh and hairless, you will need to get out of your cage every so often and that’s a great time to do a full deep cleaning.

It’s important to have a talk with your chastity cage wearer or keyholder, depending on your role. Discuss with them the importance of keeping the area clean and your preferred method doing so. While chastity cage wearers shouldn’t have much say in the unlocking of cages, it is still important that they get to safely wear them!

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