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Keeping your chastity fun and interesting without a chastity keyholder can be challenging but certainly isn’t impossible. In our introduction guide on How to Solo Chastity we discuss several ways to keep your chastity key out of your hand for periods of time. These are great games to play to start, but in this article we will discuss other popular solo chastity games.

The drawback of solo chastity is that it can be very dependent on the honor system. You can always cheat on the games to give yourself more opportunities (which is also a benefit in case you have an emergency and need to take your cage off). Male chastity lifestyles are all about self control however, so as you continue, you will learn to behave and follow the rules.

Dice Chastity Games

The following games involve rolling dice to decide either how many attempts you get or how long you get to try to unlock. We recommend using a 6-sided die, but feel free to use whatever you have or want. If you don’t have any dice available, you can use this dice rolling tool to simulate dice rolls. We recommend allowing yourself one attempt a day, but if you’re newer to chastity you can give yourself multiple attempts a day. You can also reward yourself with attempts for being productive, working out, etc.

Bowl of Keys

If you’ve bought a few chastity cages you know that they always come with at least one lock and two keys and sometimes more. So after a few purchases you likely have a good supply of locks and keys already. 

Put all of your keys in a container (bowl, jar, etc) and mix them around. Now roll a die and whatever number you get will be how many keys you get to use to attempt to unlock your cage. After each attempt you must put the key back in the pile and mix them up. For this game you’ll want at least 10 keys, but the more you have the more challenging and fun.

Lost in the Backyard

This one sounds silly and it kind of is. It’s also very dependent on your backyard and if you have one. The idea is to go outside with the key in your hand, blindfold yourself, spin around in a circle 10 times and during the last circle, toss the key over your shoulder. Make sure to not to throw it out of your backyard!

For each attempt you will roll a die and for the number that you get on the die, you get that many minutes to search the yard for the key.

Mystery Combination

This game can be a real challenge. The idea here is to lock your key in a container, attach a combination lock and blindly set a combination on it. For each attempt you will roll the die and get that many attempts to guess the combination. If you have a 4-digit combination lock there are 256 possibilities so make sure to write down your guesses because this game can take a VERY long time if you don’t.

Keep Away Chastity Games

The next set of games are less games, more ways to keep your keys away from yourself. These are nice because they require less self control and limit your ability to cheat.

Leave in the Office for the Weekend

Work in a business office? Leave your key at your desk on Friday so you’re guaranteed to be without until Monday morning. Weekends with holidays attached are even better for longer stays.

Leave at Someone’s House

This game can be a good one because it requires someone else’s help. Put your key in a small bag or your wallet or something that you can go some time without that would make sense for you to go without. When at a friend or family member’s house, put it somewhere inconspicuous that your they wouldn’t notice but could find it if they were looking. Try to go as long as you can before giving in and telling the homeowner you think you left something at their house so you can go pick it up.

For an added challenge, hide the key in a book on a bookshelf or somewhere they would likely NOT check and leave it there until the next time you visit, whenever that may be.

Bottom of the Pool (when it’s cold out)

This one has some major dependencies of both owning a pool, the season being winter and you living in a cold weather climate. If you fulfill those requirements then keep reading. 

Put your key in a heavy, sealed container and throw it to the deep end of your pool (container needs to be big enough to not get sucked up by pool drains/filters). The key will be there whenever you’re desperate enough to dive in and fetch it in the cold water.

Note: if it gets VERY cold where you live or you have a heart condition, we do NOT recommend this game.

Have any other favorite games that we haven’t discussed? Let us know!

Disclaimer – Neither Male Chastity Life, its owners, its authors, this web site, or any other entity is responsible or liable for the results of using this Chastity Game or any others listed on this website. You use Chastity and these games at your own risk and you bear full responsibility for the consequences of using these games.

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  1. How about putting the key in a plastic water bottle and going to a smaller pond or body of water and attach fishing line and hook to it and throw in lake. Fish will get hooked and drag key around pond and slave must go in swimming to get key

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