How to Solo Chastity

Whether you’re new to the male chastity life and want to try it out before talking to your partner or don’t have a some one to hold your key (key holder), how to solo chastity is important to learn. These techniques are great for all males aspiring for chastity so even if you have a key holder, these are great ways to build your chastity longevity.

When you first get started with chastity, chances are that you won’t be able to keep your dick in a chastity cage very long. It can be very uncomfortable at the beginning and it takes time to get used to. During this time it’s good to keep your chastity key either in your pocket or somewhere easily accessible so you can easily take your cage off when needed.

When you start getting used to wearing a chastity cage and can wear one for stretches of several hours, now you can start to get a little braver. This is when you can begin to wear your cage out of the house while leaving your keys at home. Keep this up until you’re able to do this for a whole day at work with your key at home. Not only will this help your longevity, but it will feel naughty wearing your cage around your coworkers.

The next way to safely extend your solo chastity is to put your key in an ice cube tray and freeze it. This one takes self control and will power as you can just break the ice any time. The idea is that when you get to the point when you feel that you really need out, set the ice cube with the key out on the counter to melt. If by the time it has melted you still feel like you need out, go for it, but if not then freeze it again and keep going.

Once you’re able to wear your cage overnight and for several days, you have new options for keeping the key away and forcing chastity on yourself. One idea for keeping your key away is to mail your key to yourself from your work office or any public mailbox away from your house. This will get you two or three days without your key. Do this on a Friday or Saturday to get an extra day.

If you don’t trust the post office or want even longer stretches with your chastity key out of your control, then a great idea is to get a timed lock box or use a combination control app. You can find timed lock boxes on Amazon. Typically these are so people can lock up their phones and electronics for stretches of time so they can decompress and focus. You can use this for a similar reason by putting your chastity cage in one and locking it up. You will be able to find lock boxes that can lock your keys in for up to 999 hours!

Here’s one of our favorite chastity locks that you can use to lock your key in any box you might already have:

100 Hour Timed Padlock – self keyholder for Male Chastity

A great lock for chastity users that will keep your chastity key locked away for up to 100 hours!

Another great option for all levels of male chastity is the ChastiKey app. This app was developed for specifically for chastity and even has a growing community of people willing to virtually control your key. What you will do is get a combination lock box, launch the app and start a new session which will give you a combination. Set your lock box to this combination, put your key in and lock it up. Do your best to forget the combination and then you’re under the app’s control. The app can be set for specific time durations or random durations and even has built in games that allow you to try to shorten your time or by failing, extend your time. You can even hand over control to an online key (can be someone you know in real life or met online) holder to manage it for you.

Solo chastity may sound impossible, but we hope these ideas help prove otherwise. If you give it a try you may find that you love it. Most importantly, when you find a key holder in the future, you will be ready to surrender your keys and control.

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