Why You Need to Be in Long Term Chastity

Long term or permanent chastity sounds daunting but it doesn’t have to. There are many reasons why men choose  male chastity and similarly, long term chastity is different for every male and relationship. While some men choose to never remove their chastity cages, you can still be locked up long term, see clear benefits of doing so and be unlocked plenty of the time.

Before committing to a long term chastity relationship, you should come to an agreement with your chastity keyholder. How long between each orgasm? How often do you get to be unlocked? What can you do to earn being unlocked? You should have plans in place for questions like these and more. Of course you don’t have to have concrete answers, ranges work fine and you may increase them over time depending on the relationship.

One important rule in all chastity relationships should be allowing the chastity cage to be unlocked at least once a week for cleaning. It is important to allow for a full cleaning of the penis and the cage for hygienic reasons. Additionally, if severe pain or discomfort arrises, the man needs to be able to explain to his keyholder and receive release to prevent any severe medical issues.

Just as with taking your cage off for cleaning, you can just lock it right back up and keep your streak alive. Many long term chaste men even get to take their cage off for sex – they get to penetrate their partners and feel that pleasure, but they aren’t allowed to orgasm and the cage goes back on afterwards. If they do cum, they get punished to teach them not to next time.

Better Intimacy

The longer you’re locked up in chastity, the easier it will be for you to be aroused. Some men who have long term orgasm denial and chastity say they live in a constant state of arousal. When you are allowed out to have sexual play with your partner you will be so much more gratified by the most basic acts. 

Personally, I enjoy making out with my wife so much more when caged – it is so much more passionate. Penetrating my wife, receiving oral and just simple hand jobs feel much better as well. I no longer have those 10-second moments of orgasm (except for accidents), but all the sexual acts I do have are far better than before chastity.

Most importantly, my wife’s sex life is vastly improved. I have become a pro at pleasing her and I love to do it. I’ve learned to share in her orgasms; both in my love for giving them to her and the release she gets from having them. I know that when it happens, sex is over and it’s time to get locked up again.

Become a Better Partner

In addition to the improved intimacy already discussed, you will become an all around better partner. The longer you are locked in chastity and denied orgasms the more subservient you will become until you live to serve your partner. At first you do it in hopes of getting them to unlock you, but after a while you just start loving it. Your partner will love it just as you will love your new level of devotion to them.

Relinquish Power and Stress

Let’s face it, not every man wants to be in charge of their relationship and would rather be in a female lead relationship (FLR). Maybe you have a high stress or power job and just want to relax at home or maybe you’re a natural sub, whatever the case, handing over your chastity key and control of your sex life to your partner is a great way to relinquish that stress.

Live Your Fantasy

If you find powerful women sexy then go ask your wife to be your chastity keyholder ASAP! There will be nothing sexier then seeing her wearing your key on a necklace between her breasts as she reminds you that she now owns your dick and you only get to cum when or if she allows it. Or if you love being subservient then chastity is perfect for you as well and long term chastity even better because you will become even more eager to serve and will be going crazy with the level of arousal you achieve.

When my wife forced me into long term chastity I was definitely worried at first, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way and wearing my chastity cage feels as normal as wearing my wedding ring. If you ask any man who has been wearing a chastity cage for years they will gush about how much they and their partners both love it. So what are you waiting for?

The chastity cage is part of your body forever.
The chastity cage is part of your body forever.

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