The Sissy Bet: Part 1

Make no doubts about it, my wife is my greatest love and passion, but I also hold a great passion for football. It’s not that I’m a macho man, I never played football in school or anywhere else, but I grew up watching it with friends and family and it’s a big part of my life. On the other hand, my wife hates it and thinks it’s a waste of time.

She has tried to get into it and even joined fantasy football leagues so she would know the teams and players better, but she still never liked watching it or seeing me spend hours watching it. Nonetheless, she put up with it because she loves me.

A few years into our relationship, she started locking me up in chastity. She said it would help make me a better and more devoted husband and it did. She gave me what she called “chastity chores” to perform daily and weekly and if I failed to do them then I would have time added to my chastity sentence. If I did all the chores without forgetting or complaining then she would unlock my chastity cage and we would have some fun.

As time went on she started adding more and bigger chores to my requirements and even made me take over the responsibility of preparing dinner every night and serving her coffee and breakfast on weekends. She also found new ways to control me by threatening to add more days or even weeks to my lockup. 

I could tell she was tempted to tell me not to watch football and use the cage against me, but she never did (or hasn’t so far). Instead she found a way to make it more interesting for both of us by implementing a weekly bet. She would look at the Las Vegas betting odds each week for my favorite team and make chastity bets for each game.

If my team lost I would be punished, but if they won I would get a reward. Luckily, the bets would range based on the betting line so if my favorite team was expected to lose and did, it would be a less severe punishment then if they were expected to win and lost. On the flip side, if they were expected to lose and won, my happiness of them winning would be boosted by the larger reward I would get from my wife afterwards. 

She would change the punishments and rewards every week and I never got a say in what they would be. I just had to accept them. The punishments would range from giving her a back massage, cleaning the house, staying locked up until next game, adding spikes to my cage, and of course pleasuring her without my own satisfaction. The rewards included taking time off my chastity sentence, taking my cage off for some teasing (then locking back up), blow jobs, and if I’m lucky, sex to completion. 

Unfortunately for me, my favorite team is always middle of the pack and when they would ultimately have their season end early by not qualifying for the playoffs.

“Why are you still watching football? Your team isn’t even playing?” My wife would ask.

“These are the best teams and the best games of the year!” I would try to explain. She still put up with it as long as I completed my weekend’s chastity chores.

When it came to the weekend of the final championship game and she wanted to go out she wanted nothing to do with football. “Come on, your team has been out for weeks and you don’t care about either of these teams. Let’s go out and do something.”

“It’s the championship!” I exclaimed. “The last game of the year and then there won’t be football for months and then I’ll do whatever you want. Just one more game!”

“Anything I want, huh? Ok, fine. You can watch, but we’re placing a championship level bet on the game. Who do you want to win?”

“The Chiefs.”

“Ok. I see they’re underdogs. How about this; if they win, I’ll unlock you and do anything you want me to for the rest of the night. If they lose, we’re taking your chastity to the next level and you’re going to become my sissy slave.”

“What do you mean by sissy slave?”

“Oh it’s simple. You’re going to do anything and everything I tell you to do while you’re locked up and I’m going to make you into my little sissy so I may make you wear panties from time to time and other sissy stuff like that.”

“Well, I already do most of the housework so it just sounds like you want me to wear panties which sounds harmless. Sure, sounds good to me. You have a bet.” 

“Good boy,” she said as she slowly walked towards me and placed her hand on my face. “I look forward to making you my slave,” she whispered in my ear. 

She then walked away and as she did she looked back over her shoulder and said, “I’m going shopping. Enjoy the game” as she gave me a little wink.

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