How My Wife Feminized Me: Part 4

This is a continuation of the story of the Becoming a Sissy Maid.

As the first few weeks passed, I found myself constantly thinking about my new, forced alter ego, Zoe the maid. Whenever my wife was out of the house, I would run upstairs to put on my thigh highs and heels to practice and improve my ability to walk and stand in them for long periods of time. I also, made sure to keep my outfit clean and pristine. When I started to see runs in my stockings I quickly ordered replacements to avoid discipline and I even found myself spending time shopping for new panties and lingerie to wear.

Being Zoe was still exhausting work, but I was starting to love dressing up and it was arousing to dress up, even in private. My wife was still teasing me from time to time but was starting to withhold orgasms for longer periods of time. When I would dress up I found my cage dripping cum occasionally and while I wasn’t orgasming, it felt good to be that aroused.

I especially loved the way my wife looked at me and talked to me while I was Zoe. She treated me like I was just some random maid she hired and watched over me with a dominant presence. When I was out of line or missed cleaning a spot, she disciplined me with spankings and when I did well she would give me the most sensual kisses as she caressed my body which made my penis pulse inside my cage, giving me a short sense of euphoria that drove me to work harder.

But just as I was getting used to dressing up like a maid and cleaning the house for hours on end, my wife decided to give me a new surprise…

“To help you feel better in touch with yourself as Zoe, and your outfit, I have one more gift for you,” she said as she held out a bag towards me. I opened the bag and found a pair of pink razors and some shaving cream. “I expect you to be hairless and smooth from the neck down like a real woman. I’m getting sick of seeing your little leg hairs poking through your stockings.”

“Are you serious?” I asked as I looked up from the bag and met her eyes. 

She crossed her arms and replied, “Have I made any jokes this last month? Yes, I’m serious and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll do as I say. Now get shaving and then get to work.” With that she walk out of the room and left me with the bag of shaving goods.

This was the first thing she had demanded I do as part of being her maid that could be noticed outside of our house. If people saw that I had shaved legs out in public what would they think? I didn’t want to quit being Zoe and to be honest, I was a little curious as to how shaved legs would feel so why not give it a try. She would probably hate seeing and feeling me with shaved legs and tell me to stop soon enough anyways.

So I got started shaving my legs which took a lot more time and effort than I expected. I ended up having to trim my leg hair with my beard trimmer before I could shave my legs. I knew after the first shave it would get much easier to maintain so that was a comforting thought. I was very nervous shaving my pubic area as I had never done it before, but I took my time and got it done.

When I finished I took a shower to rinse off. Washing my hairless body was surreal. I felt so smooth. When I finished I got out and walked over to my wife’s vanity and picked up some of her lotion. I always saw her covering her legs in lotion after a fresh shave so I figured I should too.  Then I walked to the closet where I stored all of my maid attire. I noticed box in the closet with a note on top which read, “A new addition to your outfit to make you feel even more like a real woman -xoxo.” 

Inside the box was a pair of silicone breasts. The box said they were size E and they looked huge. They had straps kind of like a bra so they weren’t hard to put on but damn were they heavy. They seemed to naturally adhere to my chest and it felt like I had large, real breasts. 

I continued dressing up and when I got to my thigh highs, I was amazed. Wearing thigh highs with hairless legs felt so good; they were so silky smooth and I felt so sexy wearing them. I slipped on my heels and stood up tall as I looked at myself in the mirror; I looked amazing. I bounced in my heels a little to watch my large breasts jiggle. It was pretty silly, but also amazing. I rubbed my new breasts and they felt so real and really completed my outfit.

When I was finished admiring myself in the mirror. I headed for the door and noticed that I naturally had a new strut. As I looked more like a woman, I was starting to feel and act more like a woman. The truth was, I really like feeling this way and couldn’t wait to see what my wife had in store for me next. 

Perhaps today I’ll make an obvious mistake so I can guarantee I get punished…

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