Being a Sissy Maid: Part 2

This is a continuation of the story of Becoming a Sissy Maid.

I stood in our bedroom, dressed in the new maids outfit that my wife had just given me. Black dress, white apron, lacy lingerie and thigh highs and butt plug in and vibrating. My cock was filling my chastity cage as much as it could while tucked between my legs, held down by the thong my wife made me wear. My wife had left to get a pedicure and told me to make the house spotless.

I felt overwhelmed. Both with arousal and with the fact that I actually had to clean the whole house while dressed as a maid otherwise my wife said she would punish me and I didn’t know what that would entail. So I got to work.

I started in the bedroom since I was already there; making the bed, picking up dirty clothes and so on. From there I moved to the bathrooms, office, and hallway. I was starting to break a sweat and I didn’t feel like I was remotely close to finished.

After a while I felt like the upstairs was cleaned well enough so I worked my way downstairs to the kitchen. I was getting exhausted so I grabbed a glass of water to refresh myself. At that moment, my wife walked in and when she saw me she looked furious.

“Did I tell you that you could drink my water from my cups? Those belong to me and my husband!” She exclaimed and she dropped her bags and stomped into the kitchen.

“Uh, I am your husband,” I nervously replied.

“No. You’re my sissy maid and while you’re here you will act such. In fact, from now on your name is Zoe. Sissy Zoe. And if you want anything you must ask for my permission. Is that understood?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Yes, MISTRESS,” she replied a gasp. “Seems like you need to learn a lesson in respect. Come here, put your hands on the counter and bend over.”

“Yes, mistress,” I said sheepishly as I did as she told, feeling more nervous around my wife than I ever had.

She quickly pulled up my skirt and gave me the hardest spank I’ve ever felt. “You will show me respect and do everything I say, is that understood?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good girl, Zoe,” she said gently as she started slowly caressing my butt checks. I braced myself for another spank, not knowing if or when it may come. “Now repeat this. ‘I am your sissy maid and you are my mistress. I live to serve and worship you.'”

As I repeated the phrase I felt excited again. Saying this was like giving her even more control over me and her intensity was becoming so sexy.

“Good,” she said again, this time giving me another hard spank. “I got you something while I was out. Go fetch me my bags.”

She pointed towards the pile of bags she had dropped by the door. I walked over and picked up the bags and put them on the counter in front of her. She pushed aside a couple and opened a large bag which contained what looked like a shoe box. She pulled it out and opened it. Inside was a large pair of shiny black heels, at least 4″ high.

“Here, put these on. These are now part of your uniform and I never want to see them off. In fact, I never want to see any of your uniform off or askew. You are an agent of this household and I expect you to represent it accordingly,” she said as she handed me the box with the high heels.

I slipped the heels on, they were a bit tight and hard to balance in, but I knew I had to do as I was told. “Yes, mistress,” I replied once the heels were on and I had composed myself in them.

She slowly leaned towards me as she said, “very good, I think you’re starting to learn.” She put her hand on my cheek and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I felt my knees start to go weak. As she pulled back she whispered, “see, I can be grateful when you do as you’re told.”

“Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress,” I replied as I tried to regain my composure again.

“Now make me lunch and get back to work. I’ll be in bed relaxing.” With that she grabbed the remaining bags and was off upstairs.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened, or any of the day for that matter. Now I had to wear high heels while I cleaned? I had to admit that they did make me feel sexier. I stumbled back over the sink wearing my new heels and got back to work.

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