What is Male Chastity?

Male Chastity, also known as caging, is a growing sexual trend of forced male abstinence. Most of the time, the sexual fantasy begins with the man asking for his partner to cage them. However, it often ends with their partner wanting to keep them caged for long periods of time – sometimes even permanently.

Modern male chastity uses chastity devices that the guy puts on his cock. These devices come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but what they all have in common is a lock. Their partners hold the keys (known as their key holders) and then control the man’s sex life and ability to orgasm.

Why Male Chastity?

For some people, male chastity is simply a way to freshen up their sex life, but for many it is so much more than that. Here are some of the common reasons and benefits of the male chastity lifestyle.

Improving Relationships

The chance to improve their relationship with male chastity is the biggest selling point to women. Locking up their man is great when they don’t trust their man, need them to be more caring and attentive, or need to regain some power and control in the relationship. When their men realize they will be locked up until they’ve been good, they quickly improve their attitude and behavior.

Refocusing Sexual Energy

Simply need to refocus your relationship’s sexual energy? Too much watching porn and masturbating effecting your sex life and interfering with your life? Caging is the perfect answer for the man who needs help refocusing his energy on his partner. Not only will it help them control his sexual desires, but he will always be in the mood when she is.

Giving in to Fantasies and Submissive Desires

This is typically the man’s reason. Men who fantasize about giving away control to a strong, beautiful woman love chastity. As do men who want to serve and be devoted to their partner. The male chastity lifestyle is often a gateway to other sexual fantasies such as female domination (femdom), sissification, and more.

The male chastity lifestyle isn’t for everyone. For some it may be hard to initiate with their partner while others may find it too uncomfortable or not as arousing as they thought it would be. The goal of this site is to support all men and women with their goal of starting a male chastity lifestyle.