Benefits of Solo Chastity

Not everyone has someone available to hold their chastity keys and that’s alright. Self Chastity, or Solo Chastity, still has a wide variety of benefits for all types of men. Below are a list of some of the many benefits wearing a chastity cage without a keyholder can have.

Learning About Chastity

Starting chastity by yourself is a great way to explore the world of chastity cages without any stress or judgement. From the beginning, you can wear them as little or frequent as you wish so that you can easily adjust to wearing them and you can buy and try as many cages as you need to find the size and type of chastity cage that fits you and your lifestyle the best. No judgements on how many cages you end up buying or how much money you spend and no pressure to wear cages longer than you’re able to from the start (while you are still getting used to wearing them).

Better Yourself Through Chastity

Many men are overly distracted by their dicks and erections to the point where it becomes a large distraction and time waste in their lives. Keeping yourself in chastity can help take away the distraction of your dick and help you refocus on what is important in your life. 

Additionally, solo chastity can help you learn a lot of control because you have to have the control to not unlock yourself. Make new chastity goals of how long you will stay caged or what you will accomplish before you can unlock yourself to be more productive and learn more control.

Control Your Porn Addiction

Porn addition is a major issue for many men. Wearing a chastity cage is a great deterrent from watching porn as you’re unable to masturbate and teasing yourself by watching porn can make chastity cages very uncomfortable for yourself. Learn to curb your porn addiction and you’ll be amazed by how much free time you regain. 

Learn New Ways to Orgasm

If you’re open to it, wearing a chastity device and building up your sex drive through extended wearing can open you up to new ways of orgasming. You would be amazed how good orgasming with a caged and flaccid penis can feel and how much cum you release. 

One common way men and chastity learn to orgasm is anally/with the prostate using dildos and butt plugs. Another way is using a vibrator on the caged penis itself for stimulation. A more difficult way is mentally by using your imagination to mentally stimulate yourself and orgasm that way – yes, this is possible after you’ve been in chastity long enough and have learned.

Explore Your Feminine Side

Chastity is common and popular for people with penises who prefer to live more femininely. From transgendered to casual crossdressing, wearing a tiny cage on your penis can help you tuck away your penis into a little clit and feel more like a woman.

Because You Enjoy It!

Honestly, there’s no reason not to wear a chastity cage by yourself if you’re into it and enjoy it. If it makes you feel kinky having a cage on or you just like the feeling of metal on your dick, wear a chastity cage if you want to.

If you’re struggling to keep yourself in chastity, try some of our solo chastity games!

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  1. I have been self-locking for about 7 years. Not 100% of the time, but at least 75%. I love it. I love fitting into smaller and smaller devices as my cock adjusts to its smaller size.

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