First Steps Towards Becoming a Sissy

Going from being a biological male to a true sissy isn’t as simple as just putting on a dress – there’s a lot more that goes into it. A true sissy is feminine in their looks, attire and desires. They are subservient and worship their female masters and do anything they demand. They are no longer a real man. Still interested in becoming a sissy? Read on to start your sissification.

The first step in becoming a sissy is to start lock your dick in a chastity cage. Start with a well fitting chastity cage to keep your penis out of your hands so you can stop using your useless appendage. Ideally you have a dominating woman in your life to hold your chastity key or have the self determination to not unlock yourself.

The next step is to start dressing sexier. You should always be wearing the sexiest panties (thongs are the best) to start. As you commit more to your new lifestyle, start wearing matching bras and panties as well as thigh highs or nylons while you’re at home and start wearing them under your male clothes when out in public and at work. 

At least one of your dresser drawers should be dedicated to your bras and panties. Start spending at least one day a week fully dressed as a sexy woman and add more time as you get comfortable. 4-inch high heels are a must when dressed up and eventually at all times when you’re home.

Once you’re starting to feel sexier, it’s time to become more feminine. To do this, you need to shave… everything. Start from the waist down and plan on shaving it all once a week to start. As you get more used to shaving, start shaving multiple times a week and then start shaving everything from head to toe. Make sure to lotion your hairless body to keep it silky smooth.

Now that you’re starting to look and feel more like a real sissy, it’s time to start acting like one by becoming a sissy maid. Dress up like a sexy maid once a week and relinquish your day to your keyholder to clean their house and do whatever they ask of you. Spending the day dressed up, wearing heels and breaking a sweat while serving your mistress will have you really feeling like a sissy.

You’re not a full sissy yet though – time to start the next phase of becoming a sissy so let’s talk about penises. Real men have big dicks unlike your tiny and worthless dick. A true sissy has no need for their penis and works their way to wearing the smallest cage possible to transform their useless penis into a little sissy clit.

If you’re married or in a relationship, chances are your partner will want some from time to time. If they want to get fucked you will fuck them… using a strap-on. Remember, sissies don’t use their penises.

Additionally, you need to start working on your craving of dick and ability to take it. You are to start wearing penis gags and butt plugs to work on your gag reflex and stretch your butthole. Start doing this for an hour or so a day and increase your time as the days go on. Also start increasing the size of your butt plug to keep stretching your anus to allow for bigger and bigger dicks. When you’re ready, you can start fucking yourself with a dildo as well. 

The last phase of becoming a true sissy is to fully give up your manhood. You should no longer refer to yourself or consider yourself a man, but a sissy instead. You will take care of your body by eating healthy and working out to extenuate your feminine form (lots of squats to work on your butt). Most importantly, your penis will be permanently locked in chastity and will forever called your clit. Furthermore, your butthole will now be called your pussy and used accordingly.

As previously mentioned, if you’re in a relationship, your partner will still want dick and as you no longer have a working one, they will need to bring some extra men home. You will make sure your partner and their men are well cared for and be subservient to their every need as their sissy slave. You will work the men’s dicks to get them hard and ready for your partner and clean up when they’re done. You will be jealous of your partner when they’re getting fucked and grateful when they decide to use your pussy.

Now you’re a true sissy.

Now you’re a true sissy.
Now you’re a true sissy.

In truth, there are lots of different varieties of sissies, but I believe that most have the desires of a full sissy but are afraid to admit it to themselves. Once they free their minds and admit it they can become a true sissy. 

3 thoughts on “First Steps Towards Becoming a Sissy

  1. This article was so revealing to read.
    It stood so clear to me after I read it that I have had taken so many steps to become a Sissy without confessing it to myself.

  2. I am a full sissy. I have only female clothes. Some are gender neutral but all bought in women’s clothing stores, mostly Lane Bryant. My wife and I shop together. We buy my bras from a cross dress website. They fit better.
    During the pandemic my wife’s ex husband moved in with us. It’s almost two years he is living with us. This arrangement has definitely pushed me to a subservient sissy slave and a cuckold. I love my new lifestyle.
    Friends of my wife accept our lifestyle. I no longer have any relationships with old friends. My life is dedicated to my Mistress and Duane, her Exhusband, keeping them happy.

  3. I dream of being a sissy, especially for a sexy Alpha Male! I so want to make him so satisfied, and pleeased. Being his Sissy is such a wonderful thing! Oh men, I am so available. I want to be in your arms, and feel your manhood rubbing against me, yes, even inside me! I want to be ever so pretty for you, Dear Man!
    Miss Roxanne

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