Where to Buy Chastity Cages

When first getting into the world of male chastity, the first thing you obviously need to do is buy a chastity cage. Back in the day you might run out to the local sex shop and buy whatever looked best, but chances are that they are going to have a small selection, the wrong size and be way overpriced. Here are the best places to buy chastity cages for variety and price.


Yes, Amazon does have everything, even chastity cock cages. They are in the adult section so you need to dive in to find them (and it’s easier on desktop than mobile). Amazon won’t have the best prices, but they are the fastest way to get cock cages online as a lot of them qualify for prime shipping. A benefit is that like everything on Amazon, they will come it typical Amazon packages so they will be discreet.


eBay is a great source for chastity cages. eBay probably has the largest variety of cages and always has the latest models available. Chances are that you will be buying them from a seller in China so it take a few weeks for delivery, but luckily the delivery fees are very cheap. Because of the long delivery times, I recommend eBay for a place to get backup cages once you’ve found your favorite ones.

Sexy Fun World

When you decide to really commit to the chastity lifestyle and buy some good quality chastity cages, we highly recommend you visit Sexy Fun World. They have a great selection of the best top end chastity cages, including their own developed and award nominated cage, the World Cage.

Have questions about specific cages? Leave a comment and we’ll let know more about them.

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