Find Your Perfect Chastity Cage

Unless you get lucky, finding the perfect male chastity cage for you isn’t going to happen on your first purchase – even with this guide! But we definitely help you limit your search to the types you think you will like most so you don’t just blindly buy the first cage you find online.

When shopping for a cock cage there are several things you must consider: cock size, ball sack size, cage material, cage color and lock type.

Cock Size

Most chastity cages come in sizes varying from extra small (XS) up to extra large (XL). Others may range from Nub (XXS) to Standard (M) and others may have their own custom sizes. Always make sure you look for the size image on listings and know what size will fit your cock. When you’re first starting, your dick is going to try to get hard a lot so getting a cage that has some room to grow is helpful in the early stages. When you get accustomed to wearing a cage and the initial excitement wears out, you may find your dick flaccid a lot more and the cage may seem too big. This is when you start moving to smaller sizes until you get the perfect sized cage for your flaccid cock.

Ball Sack Size

This one sounds odd, but it is very important. Cock cages have rings that fit around the balls so they can’t fall off. Luckily, lots of cages will include up to four different ring sizes; these are typically 52mm, 48mm, 43mm, and 38mm. I recommend starting with the largest while you get used to wearing a cage and working your way down in size as much as you can. The tighter the ring the snugger the cage will be, but that can also be painful if you aren’t used to wearing a cage.

Cage Material

Cock cages are made from a variety of materials including metal, resin, silicon, plastic, etc. While I typically rotate between a lightweight plastic one and a resin one, I do have a metal one that I also enjoy wearing on occasion. The type of material definitely depends on your lifestyle. I like the lighter materials because I find them easier to workout in, but they can also break easier. The resin ones can be special because they are typically solid with minimal holes so you can’t touch your cock at all in one. The metal can be nice and cool, especially because they generally have lots of openings, but they are much heavier and can pull your dick and balls down. They all have pros and cons so I would suggest trying one of each to see what you like.

Cage Color

If you get a metal cage you likely won’t have this option, but for those of us who like the other types, the color of your cock cage is important because it can set the tone of your chastity lifestyle. The first cage I bought was clear, but my wife told me that wasn’t acceptable and made me buy a pink one which is still her favorite to make me wear. My favorite is a black one which makes me feel a big manlier. When you first buy one to show your partner, pick a color that you want to wear and eventually let her pick out cages for you to try as well to get her more into it.

Lock Type

The last thing to consider is lock type. Almost all chastity cages use the same style of locks which are interchangeable between your cages, but lost of them have them in different positions/locations. Some of these allow for the use of plastic locks which don’t require a key. The benefit of these are that they can make it through metal detectors if you have to travel (assuming you’re not wearing a metal cage).

Now that you’ve considered these components of buying your first cages, learn the best places to buy cages.

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