Getting Started with Male Chastity

Are you a guy thinking about starting a male chastity lifestyle? Before you ask your wife or girlfriend here is what you need to know and do to get started with male chastity.

Finding the Right Cage

Having the correct chastity cage is the most crucial aspect of male chastity. If you have the wrong sized cage or rings, your cage could easily slip off, be too big/small and even cause damage. Ultimately, you’re the only person that can answer which cage is right for you (it took me trying about 10 different styles, materials and size combinations to find my favorite ones), but we have a guideline available to help you find your perfect chastity cage. You’ll also want to have your first cage ready to show your partner when you first talk to them about it so you can show them what how it works.

Setting Correct Expectations

Trust me when I say that male chastity can be very difficult from the start. I remember when my wife first agreed to hold my key. I was so hard that it was difficult to get any cages on, even with my wife laughing at me for trying. When I finally got my cage on it was uncomfortable to begin with but when my wife started teasing me about how she was now in control my dick was trying to get hard and that made it even more uncomfortable. Male chastity is a process that takes time to master so you need to set your expectations low to begin with and be patient. Learn more about my experience with male chastity.

Knowing how to ask your Partner

Unless this is a topic you and your partner have discussed before, chances are that telling her will come as a surprise. While male chastity lifestyles are becoming more popular and known about, many people still haven’t heard about it, especially women. So it is important to brace for her initial shock and not get flustered by her reaction. From there it is important to be able to 1) explain why you want to be locked up and 2) sell her the benefits of locking you up. Luckily for you, we have a guide for how to ask your partner how to lock you up.

Don’t have a partner and want to experience male chastity on your own? Read our how to solo chastity guide.

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