My Experience with Starting Male Chastity

When my wife and I first heard about male chastity we both thought it was a silly idea, but for some reason the idea stuck in my head. One day I gave in to my intrigue and ordered a couple chastity cages to try out. When they were delivered I couldn’t wait to try them on and the first moment I had to myself I quickly tried them on.

Holding the first cage, I felt aroused and naughty which made it very hard to put the cages on at first. Once I settled down and was able to figure them out, I locked on one and gave it a little test drive around the house. I was surprised by how much I liked it and wanted to continue wearing it. So that night I told my wife that I bought some cages and wanted to try them out. She immediately laughed and told me to show her. I did which prompted more laughing and a reluctant agreement to hold my key.

Her agreement was exciting and caused my penis to vigorously try to get erect but was getting stopped by the cage. This cause unexpected pain and discomfort so after an hour or so I asked to get out and did some research to learn that it takes time to build up your ability to keep your penis caged. So from then on I told my life to lock me up whenever she deemed appropriate and we would work on increasing my time with my penis locked.

During the following weeks, any time I talked back to my wife, forgot to complete one of my typical chores, or even if she just deemed my attitude unpleasant, she would demand that I put my cage on and give her the key. Each time she would make me wear my cage longer and longer until I was finally able to wear it for a complete day which was very exciting for both of us.

One day soon became two days, then three and so on and before I knew it my cock was locked most of the time. She would start teasing me saying that maybe she would unlock me that night if I was good. It was both intoxicating and frustrating at the same time. My sexual energy was at an all time high because this new form of arousal from having my wife lock me up and tease me.

It was more than just the arousal of being locked up by her; the sex was amazing. After days of having my dick locked up and untouched, it would become so sensitive and I was so passionate and eager to please my wife. Her pleasure in the bed was one of the biggest reasons why she decided keep locking me up.

It got to the point when every time I saw her I wanted to ravage her, even if I couldn’t because I was caged. One day she sat me down and told me that she had been doing some research on how keyholders control and trained their caged men. She said she had been too easy on me and that things were going to change in three ways.

First, if I didn’t control myself better, she would stop caging me altogether (which I definitely did not want). Second, if I wanted opportunities to get out of my cage then I needed to perform new chores every day (she gave me my “chastity chores list“) with absolutely no complaining about the chores or about being locked up. Third, was that getting out of my cage would no longer guarantee sex or an orgasm. She read about orgasm denial and ruined orgasms and felt that they were both important elements of my new chastity life.

I had a bittersweet reaction to the news. I was excited that she was taking her seriousness to the next level, but I was also worried that I may not be able to orgasm half as much as I was. At the same time, I understood where she was coming from and as she was my keyholder, I knew I had no choice but to accept her terms and double down on her having control over my sex life.

Little did I know that this was not the end of the road in my journey of male chastity. She would soon decide to take my life to its next stage by making me her sissy maid.

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