Chastity Wheel of Denial

One of the more popular chastity games is the Wheel of Denial. As the name implies, this uses a wheel that the caged man will spin. There are two different types of denial wheels that are used in chastity relationships which we will explore. 

Cage Sentencing

With this type of wheel, the keyholder or lockee will spin to see how long the man will be locked in chastity. We recommend creating your own wheel based on the typical chastity lengths that are common for you. Below is a sample wheel that you can use which is more on the generous side.

Spin the wheel to see what your next chastity length will be!

Orgasm or Denial?

While a big part of chastity lifestyles is denying orgasms, we need to allow men to cum on occasion. This type of denial wheel will give men a chance to orgasm or be punished instead. Keyholders should allow their locked up men to spin this wheel as a reward for being good.

Spin the wheel below to see what you get tonight!

Want to make your own wheel? Check out to create your own custom Wheel of Denial for your chastity relationship.

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