Wearing My Husband’s Chastity Key In Public

Early in my chastity relationship with my husband  I sometimes felt like my husband had all the fun with his chastity. I knew I had the control and got to tease and deny him as I pleased, but he got to wear a chastity device out and about which made him feel naughty and sexual, with or without me around. Every feeling I got required him to be around. That’s when I decided it was time for me to wear something out in public, too. His chastity key. 

So I ordered me husband to buy me a silver necklace and when it arrived I put one of his keys on the necklace while the other stayed in my bedside lockbox. Putting the necklace on gave me a surprisingly increased sense of power. Now instead of just having the key locked up, I would always have it around, flaunting it in my husband’s face.

I also told him that I would be now wearing it out in public and that if anyone asked me about it, I would tell them exactly what it was for. I told him that I meant ANYONE, even family. I knew that could be awkward telling his mom about her son’s sexual deviancies, but I figured I’d see how I felt at the time and judged what the situation was as like. He was definitely nervous and scared about this idea, but he understood that this would now be part of his chastity life, no matter how humiliating it may be.

The first time I wore my new key necklace out I again felt powerful. Every second I drove away from our house I was pulling my husband’s key further and further away from him and making him that much more dependent on me. That thought also aroused me and made me want to fool around with my husband when I got home; maybe give him an orgasm denial just to further flaunt my power over him and his penis.

Chastity keyholders, I can’t recommend this enough. Wear husband’s chastity key in public on a necklace, anklet your keys on a necklace and wear it at all times. You won’t regret it! Every now and then tell your partner that you forgot his key at the gym or at work to really get him nervous and have some harmless fun at his expense.

I want everyone to see me wearing your chastity key.
I want everyone to see me wearing your chastity key.

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  1. I’m just curious as to what you think at the fact that I love when she wears my key in fact I prefer it and I’m not scared if people ask and she tells them. It almost seems like it takes away her being naughty

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