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Story: Under Lock and Key

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I'm not new to chastity, but not overly experienced either. I occasionally like it (though I more often hate it), but I now understand I need it to eliminate what was previously out-of-control masturbation. I have been into femdom and believed in female superiority for many years, and practiced it as much as possible, while still living a largely vanilla public life. Tongue service in the bedroom was a given, but I also was happy to serve a woman in other ways - financially, helping with housework, acting as her servant etc. - as long as it was in preparation for sex. And my own eventual orgasm.

Depending on how alpha the woman was (or in some cases became, after I revealed myself to them), these tasks could last a day or two, or even up to a week before she would allow me penetration, or oral reciprocation. Meanwhile, I'd service her daily - sometimes more - and then jerk off when she was sated and pushed me away from entering her. When she finally did let me in, I had masturbated so often that my orgasm was anti-climatic (pun intended), almost as unsatisfactory for me as it was for her. Still, I couldn't stop myself from jerking off, whether I was in a relationship or not.
All of this was private, known only to me and the few women I felt comfortable enough with to share my proclivities. But as I get older, I find that I don't care nearly as much about what other people think of me. So, I have embraced enforced chastity as a way to both satisfy my need to be controlled and bossed around by a woman, and limit - or even eliminate - my constant masturbation.

In my current relationship, I wear a cage 24/7, unless my Superior, Teri, allows me to take it off. I call her Teri in public, or with family and friends, but when we are alone together, she is Ma’am, or Miss Teri. (Occasionally, I’ll call her Your Highness, just to make her giggle, and watch her give a Queen-like wave of her hand to her most loyal and obedient subject). She holds all 3 keys. She does allow me release, but it is very inconsistent: She could let me out twice in a week, and then not again for 2 or 3 months - or even longer. I never really know, and though sometimes it depends on how well I’ve behaved during my time in the cage, even that is inconsistent, because I very rarely misbehave. She just lets me out when she wants to, which I’ve come to accept as proper. She likes me to beg her for it, then she'll tell me she'll think about it, and it doesn't happen. Or maybe it will. Or, she'll let me out, tease me, then make me ice myself down until I've shriveled enough to fit back in my cage. She always - always - makes me click the lock myself, after I've begged her to lock me back up. Then, though I’m thoroughly frustrated, she has me eat her until she cums all over my face. Then she rolls over to sleep, leaving me with her taste in my mouth (I'm not allowed to brush until the next morning) and my dick locked up tight. Can you see why I often hate that damn cage?

And yet: the few times I actually am allowed to cum, or, less often, allowed to penetrate her, I explode and have the best orgasms I've ever had in my life. Everything I’ve done between releases: All the laundry, the ironing of her clothes, keeping her shoes shined, the vacuuming, dusting, making the beds, cleaning the bathrooms every day (I do almost all the housework now, without being told), all the kneeling and bowing, all the foot worship, the ass kissing, the licking and lapping, driving her around, doing her errands, taking her shopping, paying for her purchases, carrying her bags; All the weeks or months of pent up frustration result in one massive erection, and one explosive fountain of cum.

It's just that one time, of course. Then - after a much needed shower, I reluctantly will beg her to lock me back up. She hands me the cage. She watches me put it back on, sometimes impassively, but often putting her hand over her mouth to hide a smile, or stifle a giggle, throughout the 5-minute process of arranging the cage, redoing the spacers and whatnot. Once it's in place, she hands me the lock, and, as I click it shut, she always bursts out laughing. I can't blame her. Why do I subject myself to such humiliation, giving up control of my dick - and in many respects, my freedom and my life - to Her? If it wasn't me locked in the cage, I'd burst out laughing too.

Then for weeks - or months (it's currently been 10 weeks and 3 days since my last release, but who's counting?) - it's back to the norm: Serving her, obeying her, worshiping her. Making her life as enjoyable and carefree as possible, me working like a dog to make it so. And that's okay, since, other than perspective, and perhaps duration, things aren't that different from when I was younger, before I was caged. I have always wanted to serve women, and, though my younger self would have denied it to anyone who asked (and some did) I truly do believe that women - most of them anyway - are superior to me. Before chastity, I used sexual desire as my excuse to be submissive: sure, I'd think: femdom was my kink, but it was just a sexual fantasy that, once fulfilled, turned me back into a "normal" guy, who lived a "normal" vanilla life. End of story.

Except it wasn't. I've learned that my femdom kink is only partially sexual. Some of it is, of course, as evidenced by my massive cum explosions, rare as I'm allowed them. But beyond that, I actually LIKE serving her, and like doing things for her. I like when I entertain or amuse her, even if - especially if? - it means being humiliated, or humiliating myself. I love hearing her laugh, whether it's at something on the TV, or in a book. Or (especially?) at me. It doesn't matter - I just want her to be as happy as possible at all times, and I would do virtually anything to make that happen. And it seems she enjoys my self-humiliation - which is why she laughs so much whenever I click the lock - and if that makes her happy, then I am completely on board.

Knowing this, maybe you can understand what I suggested next. Miss Teri will sometimes wear my chastity key on a chain around her ankle when she goes out (which I find sexy as hell), though usually with other, more innocuous charms. To my knowledge, no one had ever asked her about it. So I suggested she wear the key alone, and moderately visible (maybe peeking out of a partially unbuttoned blouse) around her neck. Understandably, this made her giggle a little. I suggested that if one or two of her "choice" girlfriends asked about it, she should tell them exactly what it was, and what it was for. I could see her try to hold back more giggles, but I continued to carefully and evenly explain my suggestion, because I wanted Miss Teri to know I would be willing to let her share her enjoyment (and my embarrassment) of my chastity with someone close to her.

I even went as far as suggesting which of her friends might enjoy knowing, although I stressed that it was clearly her decision. But, I explained, I didn’t want her to tell me which ones she told, so that when we went out, vanilla style, with her friends at dinner, or saw them at parties, I would have no idea who did or didn’t know.

I remained serious when suggesting all this to her, since I had thought about it for a while, and finally decided to go for it, even though it would open me up to a new level (limited as it was) of public humiliation. So, I was a little surprised when she met my suggestion with laughter. A lot of it. Uncontrollable laughter, for a good 10 minutes or so.

I assumed she was laughing hysterically at the fact that I suggested such a self-humiliating thing, and that she thought it was a great idea. But as I found out ,when the laughter finally subsided into intermittent giggles, that wasn't it. Instead, in between giggles, she said:

"Oh, you silly boy. I've already told a few of my friends.”

Surprised, I blurted out, ”Which ones?”

“Well . . . nearly all of them!”

Despite thinking I would enjoy her amusement, my face blushed hot red. But she continued without a second thought.

"But, now that you know that, what say I invite one or two of my "choice" friends over to see you in person? Would you like that, sweetie?"

I blushed some more, but simply nodded. "Whatever makes you happy, Your Highness."

She threw back her head, laughed some more, and gave me a Queenly wave.

"Oh, it will, And it will make them happy too. I guarantee they will laugh their asses off at you."

She smiled. "All this fun talk has made me really, really horny.”

She pulled me by my cage over to the sofa, giving me hope that I might finally be released. But that hope was dashed when she sat down, lifted up her skirt, slipped down her panties and spread her legs.

“Get down on your knees now, and get busy."

I did, and as I buried my face in her thighs, tongue outstretched, ready and willing, my dick hopelessly strained against its cage. I didn't know when she would release me again, and that was frustrating in the moment. But since I knew I was making her happy, that was okay. I started licking, and kept at it until she exploded on me.


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Fantastic story! Thanks for sharing!